Elsworth Jubilee Club Outing To Blenheim Palace 1st June 2017






Return journey home commences 4.30 pm

Palace, Park & Gardens and Coach Fare OAP £22-90

Adult £25-30           Child (up to 16) £12-90

For further information and booking form please contact:

BETTY  01954 267470    OR RITA  01954 267342a

Parking enforcement. Police set up a new on line contact

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has launched a new parking initiative.

Residents are now able to report parking enforcement issues using the link below. Chief Inspector Sutherland said: “The information that you give us will go directly to me and will help me build up a picture of the exact hot-spots for parking issues. I have set up an online web-page were you can report concerns about parking.  The information that you give us will go directly to me and will help me build up a picture of the exact hot-spots for parking issues.  I will then use this information on targeted ‘crack-down’ days.  There is some good evidence that crackdown days work in other areas of policing so we are going to try it for parking.  For obvious reasons I won’t be publicising the dates of the crackdowns in advance but I will update you by e-cops, twitter and face-book once we have completed a crackdown day and what we found.” ​

The web page is live right now and you can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/SouthCambs-Parking.  Inspector Sutherland is not pretending that this will solve all parking problems, however he believes that it strikes the right balance between dealing with parking concerns and the other important work that the police do.

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation Innovation Fund Event

Date: 30 March 2017   Time: 10am to 12 noon
Location: Over community and conference centre, The Doles, Over CB24 5NW

If you want to learn more about the Cambridgeshire Innovation Fund administered by Cambridge Community Foundation on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council then please join us in South Cambridgeshire on the 30th March 2017.

A14 Monthly Bulletin February / March 2017

February’s Activities

Section 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line

The crossing of the River Great Ouse is progressing well and the temporary pontoon is now in place which allows us to transport machinery and materials across onto the east bank of the river.

The site clearance is continuing along the north bound carriageway of the A1 north of Brampton Hut. This has mainly been done at night.


The Poacher Newsletter January/February 2017

Dear villagers,

Happy New Year to you all and may I start for thanking you all for your support in 2016.
Firstly, let me apologise for not posting Newsletters for the last couple of months, the pub has been very busy and due to some business and some personal reasons I have been up to my eyes in things. But a new year is now upon us and you have so much to look forward to at The Elsworth Poacher.


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