Parish Council Annual Audit 2017

Annual Audit. The Audit for end year March 31st 2017 has been received from PKFLittleJohn. – on the basis of their review, in their opinion the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to their attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met. The Audit is Closed.

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Planning Application received Titan Storage Swansley Wood S/3009/17/VC

Proposal:Variation of Condition 1 (external storage of containers) of S/2391/12/VC
Application Ref:S/3009/17/VC
Location:Titan Storage, Swansley Wood, St Neots Road, Caxton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 3PH
Applicant:Mr Phil Brewer, Titan Containers Ltd





Please note that this application must be viewed on line as no hard copies will be sent.

WI Elsworth, Knapwell & Conington group meeting September 13th

The WI meeting to be held on 13th September at 7:30pm in Elsworth School Hall is a special meeting, open to non members.  It will include a talk by Amey Management Team  on “A load of old rubbish”   Competition is “a fabric shopping bag”


Contact Margaret Stephenson 01954 267175 if you are interested in joining the WI group. 

County Council’s Network released: A New Deal for Counties: Our Plan for Government

Briefing for Town and Parish Councils/Neighbourhood forums

In August the County Council’s Network released:  A New Deal for Counties: Our Plan for Government, which sets out the collective priorities for county authorities.

It shows something we all know to be the truth.  That County Councils receive less funding per head than all other council types, while levels of demand are rising faster in rural areas than those in more urban areas – particularly in adult social care and children’s services which are our key responsibilities.

It also makes clear that it is more costly to deliver services in rural areas to fulfil the government’s agenda for greater independence and choice – e.g. home to school transport, home care, faster broadband/improved mobile access

But while we know this, funding for local government beyond 2020/21 is unclear

So during September, we will be working with other shire counties across England to give a message to our own MPs to take back to government that we urgently seek reforms to local government finance to secure sustainable and fairer funding.

Our campaign – Fairdeal4Cambs – is targeted at getting county  MPs to press for

Reinstating work on the Fair Funding Review. County councils currently receive less funding per head than all other council types from government. The current system means that

  • Counties receive just £271 of funding for services per head
  • London boroughs receive average funding of £563 per head.

The dropping of the Local Government Finance Bill and 100% business rates retention (BRR) means that funding beyond 2020/21 is unclear.  Cambridgeshire’s Rate Support Grant (RSG) goes negative in 19/20, an issue originally intended to be wrapped and replaced by the BRR scheme.

A long-term solution to social care funding. In Cambridgeshire, delivering core services relies on funding to resource them. Our aging population means that funding social care is the most significant challenge we face. By 2020/21 we face a potential funding gap of more than £46.2m on adult social care alone, even after the additional money announced in March.

It is essential that Government delivers on its commitment to publish a wide-ranging consultation on adult social care.  Cambridgeshire has to be a low spender on Adult Social Care due to lack of available finance: spending the equivalent of £302 per adult per annum compared to an average amongst our statistical neighbours of £342.   This amounts to a funding shortfall exceeding £15m per year on Adult Social Care which, if available,  could deliver so much more

Between 2011 and 2016 the number of people aged 65+ in Cambridgeshire grew by 17.0% compared to 14.6% regionally and 13.2% nationally. .

Support for preventative children’s social care Placement Pressures – a recent increase in the volume of children needing care in Cambridgeshire – even though we have kept the % rise lower than the national average.  Those children who need care have increasingly complex needs. This results in pressure on foster care placements and an increases in the price of care

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children –  we have seen a dramatic increase in unaccompanied asylum seeking children over the last couple of years – rising from 5 to 65 – this has increased our costs and number of placements we have available

Care proceedings – There has been a 11.94% increase in  the rate of Cambridgeshire care applications to Court over the last 12 months, in comparison with a 3.60%  across our Local Authority ‘family’ and 7.35% across England.

A Modern and Fair Education System

The current  funding formula dating back to 2005, has led to county schools being underfunded for a number of years, with an inexplicable gap of 47% between the average per pupil funding received by counties and Inner London boroughs.

Cambridgeshire is currently ranked 120th out of 151 local authorities in terms of money received per pupil – with our children receiving  £2,000 per year less for their education than those in better funded areas.

Home to school transport – The legislation governing home to school transport has remained largely unchanged for over 70 years and it is time for a review.    Cambridgeshire, predominantly rural in nature, currently spends more than £8m a year on getting  children to and from school. Please help us and offer your support to the campaign by writing to your local MP and urging them to speak up in Parliament and to join with the other 266 shire County MPs to press for change.

Cllr Steve Criswell Chair of the Communities and Partnerships Committee Cambridgeshire County Council

The information in this email is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. If you receive this email by mistake please notify the sender and delete it immediately. Opinions expressed are those of the individual and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Cambridgeshire County Council. All sent and received email from Cambridgeshire County Council is automatically scanned for the presence of computer viruses and security issues. Visit

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon – Roadworks update

The A14 eastbound between Fenstanton (J27) and Swavesey (J28) will be closed 5th September, 9pm to 6am.

Last week we installed our temporary bailey bridge over the A14 near Swavesey.  This temporary bridge will allow us to move material across the A14 to build the north side of the new Swavesey junction without taking vehicles on the A14.

Whilst the structure is now in place we were not able to completely finish all of the work to make it safe for use to use, consequently we will needed further closures of the east bound carriageway only, between Fenstanton (J27) and Swavesey (J28).

Please be assured that signs will be erected on the A14 to notify drivers of this closure.

We regularly update details of closures specific to our A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme on our Facebook #A14C2H and Twitter@A14C2H pages. You can also find our latest posts by searching #A14C2Hclosures.

Below are our planned closures for this week;

*Tue 5th one night*
A14 eastbound between Fenstanton J27 & Swavesey J28 (9pm-6am)

*Tue 5th to Fri 8th*
A1 northbound between Brampton Hut & Alconbury (each night, 9pm-6am)

*Wed 6th to Fri 8th*

A1 northbound between Buckden & Brampton Hut (each night, 9pm-6am)

*Fri 8th to Mon 11th*
Full weekend closure Buckden Road (Fri 9pm – Mon 5am)

Our official diversion route will be signposted and I’ve attached diversion maps the A1 and A14 closures.

PLEASE NOTE – closures may be subject to change, so check out our social media pages daily for updates.

To contact your sections Stakeholder Manager, please use the email addresses below or our A14 helpline.

Section 1 & 2 Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line; Jon Lewell

Section 3 East Coast Main Line to Swavesey; Jade Pettit

Section 4 & 5 Swavesey to Milton; Bob Pettipher

A14 helpline 0800 270 0114 – This will be answered by a team member during site hours 8am – 5pm and messages can be left at other times.

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