A14 Monthly Bulletin February / March 2017

February’s Activities

Section 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line

The crossing of the River Great Ouse is progressing well and the temporary pontoon is now in place which allows us to transport machinery and materials across onto the east bank of the river.

The site clearance is continuing along the north bound carriageway of the A1 north of Brampton Hut. This has mainly been done at night.

On both sides of the river the bridge supports for the temporary bailey bridge are nearly complete. This bridge will span the river and allow boats to travel beneath it whilst we construct the new permanent crossing.

Section 3 – East Coast Main Line to Swavesey

The permanent offices at Ermine Street, next to Woodgreen Animal Shelter, have now been moved into.

Archaeological work has been on-going across the section with some Roman coins having been found.

Construction has started on the second stretch of Haul Road which will run from The Section Three Compound through to Swavesey.

Piling platforms have been installed at Ermine Street are progressing at Offord Road, Hilton Road and at the Railway.

Section 4 & 5 – Swavesey to Milton

Works continue on the construction of the main project compound at Swavesey junction. The Buildings is now occupied by approximately 240 staff.

Archaeological works and site clearance continues to be undertaken alongside the A14 between Swavesey and Girton in preparation for main construction works.

Overnight lane and carriageway closures continued on the A428 and on both the east and westbound side of the A14. Despite some operations being disrupted by adverse weather we completed the installation of CCTV and speed cameras on the A428. We now have traffic management in place on the eastbound carriageway between the Madingley turn and the Girton junction.

Access to and from the A14 at the Avenue was closed on 20th February and a diversion is in place via Dry Drayton

Works for March

Section 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line

Over the next couple of weeks plant crossings will be installed across Grafham Road and Buckden Road. Once installed they will allow site traffic to safely cross these side roads and will also complete the haul road network allowing our traffic to move within the site boundary from the River Ouse through to the borrow pit on the east side of the A1.

Foundations works (piling) continue to progress the main structures in this sections. On completion this will allow the realigned A14 from Ellington to cross the realigned A1 at Brampton Hut.

Section 3 – East Coast Main Line to Swavesey

Early works are progressing quickly with the archaeologists working busy across the 13km stretch of the section.

The plant Crossing will be installed at Hilton Road on the weekend of the 3rd March. This will mean that there will be no access from Fenstanton to Hilton. Local businesses have been informed and access will be allowed from Hilton.

Works are progressing on the bridges across the section including the new bridge at the railway and also at Hilton Road.

Section 4 & 5 – Swavesey to Milton

Further overnight closures on the A14 will allow us to finalise the installation of both CCTV and speed cameras in preparation for the implementation of narrow lanes on both carriageways in the area between Dry Dayton and Swavesey. For safety reasons this work has had to be carried out at night under a full carriageway closure of the A14. Once the narrow lanes are installed we will be able to safely undertake works in the verges of both carriageways of the A14

The traffic management on the A428 will allow us to begin works in that area for the construction of a new bridge which will form part of the new free flow link for traffic travelling westwards from Histon. This link will remove the need to negotiate the current clover leaf interchange and will connect directly onto the new improved A14 westbound carriageway prior to Cambridge Crematorium.

Work will begin this month on the construction of the new local access road that will run from Huntingdon Road, Cambridge and sweep south of the crematorium before it crosses over to the north side of the A14 at Dry Drayton, where it continues to Huntingdon.

A Few Facts about the scheme-

  • There will be 271 hectares more semi natural habitats created because of the landscape planting, biodiversity mitigation habitat creation and receptor sites for moving protected species.
  • Habitat creation will include provision for a cross section of wildlife, including barbastelle and other bats, cetti’s and grasshopper warblers, great crested newts and badgers.
  • If lined up end to end at the peak of activity the site earth moving dump trucks would extend for approximately 1.5km

You can contact us on our dedicated A14 Public Helpline 0800 270 0114

Scheme information is also available at our website www.highways.gov.uk/A14C2H