A14 Monthly Bulletin March/April 2017

March Activities

Section 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line

At Woolley Road south of Alconbury the first direction drill has been completed from the west side of the A1 to the east ready for the electricity service diversions.

Piling has been completed for the Grafham Road bridge over the A1 at Brampton and others are well on the way for the main structures, this will take the new A14 over the new alignment of the A1 south of Brampton Hut.

Section 3 – East Coast Main Line to Swavesey

Archaeologists continue to work across the 13km stretch of the section before any permanent works can start.

The works on the plant crossing at Hilton Road have now been completed. Piling work for the bridges continued across the section.

Ahead of the change in season, there has been a strong focus on the creation of the access tracks to ensure that the landowners who are affected by the scheme will not be cut off from their land. Work has also been going into the diversions and closures of the footpaths to ensure the safety of the public.

Section 4 & 5 – Swavesey to Milton

We have finalised the installation of both CCTV and speed cameras between Dry Dayton and Swavesey. We now have narrow lanes on both carriageways and a 40mph speed limit through this area.

Traffic management on the eastbound of the A428 near the Madingley turning has allowed us to begin our piling works next to the carriageway. This work will create a new bridge which will form part of the new free flow link for traffic travelling westwards from Histon.

The Avenue is now closed at Madingley and works have begun on the construction of the new local access road leading from Huntingdon Road Cambridge to Dry Drayton.

Work continues on the accommodation compound at Boxworth with installation of sewer and mains supplies.

Works for April

Section 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line

On the A1 north bound, at night, we will start be forming a new works access off the A1 north of Brampton Hut and to also install temporary bailey bridges over the oil pipe line to open up the working area.

We will start trenching works to facilitate UK Power Networks cable diversions on the east side of the A1 and continue installation of the haul road, which will allow construction traffic to travel the full length of the southbound A1 inside the site.

The Bailey bridge over the River Great Ouse will be completed which will allow site vehicles to cross the river whilst river traffic passes underneath.

Section 3 – East Coast Main Line to Swavesey

New traffic lights will be installed over the next few weeks at the plant crossing at Hilton Road. These will remain in place for the duration of the scheme to safely allow both public and site traffic to cross the local road. The traffic lights will be fitted with vehicle sensors, with the priority given to local traffic.

To ensure we do not cause necessary delays on the side roads we will monitor any traffic delays caused and review the use of the lights accordingly.

Section 4 & 5 – Swavesey to Milton

Some of the cabins for the accommodation block at Boxworth will begin to arrive.

Works will continue on the construction of the haul road inside our compound which runs parallel to Boxworth Road. This will be used to transport materials from the borrow pit adjacent to Boxworth Road.

Piling works for a second bridge in the Girton junction area will begin in the first week of April.

Construction will begin on two temporary bailey bridges on the inside the second borrow pit which is situated to the east of Dry Drayton Road.

Extensive archaeology will continue in the area east of Hattons Road in Longstanton.