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1811 – 1850

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Elsworth 5th March

The public are respecfully informed, that there will be a SALE of OAK, ASH, and ELM TIMBER, now blazed and numbered, and standing in the Wood Closes, at Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, on Tuesday the 26th March 1811. The company are requested to meet at the Fox and Hounds public-house, in Elsworth aforesaid, at ten o’clock, where tickets will be given out. Six months credit, on approved joint security. Further particulars may be made known of Messrs Maule and Sweeting, solicitors, or of Mr. Lovell, surveyor, Huntingdon.

Elsworth 5th April

The collection at Elsworth for the relief of the British prisoners in France amounted to £6 4s; and the collection at Little Shelford for the same purpose amounted to £5 18s 3d.

Elsworth 26th April To be SOLD by AUCTION by THOMAS HAGGER.

On the premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 7th and 8th days of May 1811. All the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, implements in Husbandry, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and neat Household Furniture, of Mr. William Baker, who is retiring from business.

First day’s sale comprises 2 excellent cart geldings, four and six years old, 3 cart mares, each of six and nine years, 1 in foal gig mare, and a yearly filly, 2 barren cows, 2 down calving and 2 heifers forward in calf, 2 fine sows and 22 pigs, 1 sow down pigging, 12 large stores, 2 good market waggons, 3 broad wheel and 2 narrow wheel dung carts, 2 neat gigs, and oak barn plank, 14 feet by 21, and eight post cart hovel, and oak wheat hovel frame, 13 feet by 24 on six stone pillars with caps, 1 bean and kibling mill, barn tackle, harness for seven horses, ploughs, harrows, rolls, hurdles, and 40 gallon brewing copper, tubs, beer casks, etc.

Second day’s sale consists of 5 very good feather beds, bolsters, wool and hair mattresses, blankets, quilts, tent and other bedsteads with furnitures, wainscot chest of drawers, tables, mahogany dining, card, pembroke, pillar and claw tables, 2 very handsome mahogany bureaus, 30 hour clock, and an 8-day timepiece, 2 handsome mahogany chairs and a sofa to correspond with a chintz cover, 1 painted and one mahogany beaufet with folding pannel doors and fluted pilasters, very handsome china, glass and earthenware, kitchen requisites in copper, tin and iron, dairy utensils and other effects.

Catalogues may be had at the Crown, Royston, Caxton, Fenstanton and St. Ives; Eagle and Child, Cambridge; Swan, Eltisley; Printer, St. Neots; place of sale; and of the Auctioneer, Potton. Credit for the Carts, wagons and Live Stock to 30th day of December on approved joint security.

Elsworth 5th July

On Friday last, at Elsworth in this county, a person of the name of Hubin, who had imprudently taken shelter under a tree, was struck dead by lightning.


Elsworth 20th March To be SOLD by AUCTION by JONAH DAY.

On Wednesday the 25th day of this instant March, between the hours of 3 and S o’clock in the afternoon, at the Plough Inn at Elsworth, subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced;

All that valuable new Allotment of LAND, containing 16 acres (more or less) most conveniently situate near the town of Elsworth, adjoining the high road leading from Elsworth to Conington, and now in the occupation of Thomas Moore.

Part of the above premises are Copyhold of the Rectory Manor of Elsworth, fine certain, and the remainder Copyhold of the Manor of Elsworth, fine arbitrary. The amount of each respective part will be ascertained previous to the sale, and immediate posession may be had.

Half the purchase money may remain on security of the premises, if required.

Further particulars may be had of Mr. Fisher, solicitor, St. Ives, Hunts. March 17 1812.

Elsworth 17th July To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT.

All that convenient DWELLING HOUSE, situate in Elsworth, and BLACKSMITH’S SHOP contiguous, wherein the business of Blacksmith was lately carried on to a good extent; also a large yard, garden and barn thereto adjoining; late in the occupation of Thomas Moore and his undertenants.

The above premises are Copyhold of the Manor of the Rectory of Elsworth, fine certain. Immediate posession may be had and further particulars known by application to Mr. Fisher, solicitor, St. Ives. July 13.1812


Elsworth 2nd April MANOR of the RECTORY of ELSWORTH in the County of Cambridge.

Notice is hereby given, that a General Court Baron and Customary Court of the Reverend MATTHEW HOLWORTHY, will be holden for the said Manor on Saturday the seventeenth day of April inst. at twelve o’clock at noon, at the usual place, when and where all persons owing suit and service to the said court, or claiming admission to any lands or tenements held of the same Manor are requested to attend. And such persons as have not paid the Free Rents or Quit- Rents due from them to the said Manor are peremptorily required to attend and pay the same at the time and place above-mentioned.
JOHN LE GRICE Steward of the said manor. 2nd of April 1813.


Elsworth 15th April

VERY CAPITAL LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK. One Hundred and Twenty young Leicestershire Poll’d Ewes and Lambs, 90 Lamb-hogs, 43 Shear-hogs, 25 Great Ewes, and 3 Rams, 13 prime young Cows with Calves at foot, 7 new milch Cows, 3 capital Ditto down-calving, 3 ditto forward in calf, 1 barren Heifer, and a 2-year-old Bull, 15 capital Cart-Horses, 2 two-year-old Cart Colts, 2 handsome Nag Mares, and Agricultural Implements; which will be SOLD by AUCTION by THOMAS HAGGER on Tuesday the 26th day of April 1814, on the premises of the late Mr. BENJAMIN FORDHAM, deceased, at the Lordship Farm, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire.

Seven months credit will be given for all lots above £5 on approved security. Catalogues may be had at the Crown, Caxton and Royston; White Horse, St. Ives; Swan, Eltisley; all the adjacent towns; Printer, St. Neots, and of the Auctioneer, Potton.

Sale to commence at 10 o’clock.


Elsworth l0th March To be SOLD by AUCTION by THOMAS HAGGER.

On Tuesday the 14th day of March, 1815 on the premises of the late Mr. BENJAMIN FORDHAM, deceased, at Elsworth:

Seven fine heifers down calving, a good three-year-old cart colt, a capital four horsepower thrashing machine, with gear and tackle complete, a good dressing machine, a dung cart, and sundry other implements – Sale to commence at one o’clock.

Elsworth 3rd November FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSES.


At the Black Bull Inn, in Trumpington-street in the town of Cambridge, on Monday the 15th day of November instant, between the hours of six and eight o’clock in the evening, subject to such conditions of sale as will then be produced:

Lot 1.- All that Messuage or Tenement with its Yard, Garden, Buildings, and Premises thereto belonging, called the SWAN, situate in Swavesey in the County of Cambridge, now in the occupation of Samuel Thorp.

Lot 2.- All that other Messuage or Tenement and Premises situate in Swavesey aforesaid, called the CHEQUERS now in the occupation of – Clements.
These two lots are entitled to Rights of Common over the valuable and extensive Commons of Swavesey aforesaid.

Lot 3.- All that Messuage or Tenement and Premises called the FOX and HOUNDS situate at Elsworth, in the said county of Cambridge, now in the occupation of Wm. Mercer.

Lot 4.- All that CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND, containing by estimation One Acre (more or less) situate and being in Elsworth aforesaid, now in the occupation of — Hunt.

This Lot is very desirable for the purpose of giving a vote for the County.
For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Sewell, solicitor, Chatteris.
Chatteris Nov. 1, 1815.


Elsworth 13th September

To be LET, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, a very desirable inclosed FARM, adjoining the Turnpike Road from Cambridge to St Neots, containing 400 Acres of Arable and Pasture Land, in a good state of cultivation with a convenient Dwelling-House, and all other appropriate buildings, standing nearly in the centre of the Farm, now in the occupation of Mr. Nicholls.

N.B.- Tillage, Folding, and Seeds to be paid for according to a fair valuation.

Elsworth 11th October To be SOLD by AUCTION by THOMAS HAGGER.

On Tuesday 15th day of October inst. All the very neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Implements in Husbandry, LIVE STOCK, CORN and HAY on the premises of the late Mr. John Hunt, deceased. Catalogues may be had at the White Horse, St. Ives, the public-houses, Elsworth; the neighbouring towns; of Mr. Hunt, Gransden; and of the Auctioneer, at Potton.

Elsworth 22nd September Elsworth Lodge.

To be SOLD by AUCTION by Messrs CHILD and ROGERS on Tuesday the 25th November 1815, on the premises of Mr. Robert Nichols, of Elsworth Lodge, near Caxton in the county of Cambridge, who is leaving his farm.

A choice and well-selected FLOCK of SHEEP, a capital team of useful stout horses, 13 of the COW KIND, 14 SWINE, HURDLES, etc., consisting of 127 ewes, 34 shear hogs and 2 tups; 1 milch cow, 1 heifer and calf; 3 in calved heifers, and 4 barren heifers; 12 horses and mares, viz. 1 capital chestnut horse 6 years old, 1 black do. 5 years old, 1 brown do. 6 years old, 1 brown do. 5 years old, 1 grey do. 8 years old, 1 ditto 3 years old, 1 black colt 3 years old, 1 brown hackney horse, about 11 hands high, remarkably useful and an excellent goer, 1 cart mare 5 years old, 1 aged ditto, 1 chestnut 5 years old riding mare about 15 hands high, 1 brown nag mare 4 years old, about 15 hands 1/4 inch high remarkably fast in her paces and quiet in harness, 5 spay’d velts, 2 large hogs, and 6 store pigs; about 10 dozen of hurdles etc. etc.

N.B. Two capital tups of Mr. Busby’s of Abbot Ripton are put to the ewes this season, and the horses are well known to be quiet, good workers, are in excellent condition, and well worth the attention of the public.

Four months credit will be given for all bargains above £5 on approved joint security, or six pence in the pound discount for ready money.

The Auctioneers respectfully request the favour of the company of Mr. Nichols’s at 11 o’clock on the morning of the sale, to partake of a Round of Beef and Ale before the sale commences.




At two o’clock in the afternoon, on Tuesday the 16th day of May 1817 at the George Inn, Fenstanton, Hunts, in One Lot, subject to such conditions of sale as will then and there be produced, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which timely notice will be given.

An INCLOSED ALLOTMENT of very rich PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, situate, lying and being at Elsworth aforesaid, containing Fortyfive Acres, two roods and seventeen perches bounded on the south by land of Mr. Edward Brand and the Rev. Matthew Holworthy, on the west by Mr. Holworthy and Henry Sweeting, Esq., north by Mr. Sweeting and east by the meadow road.
13A. 3R. 31P. of the above are copyhold, at the will of the Lord of the Manor of Elsworth, quit-rent 3s. 6d

N.B. For a view of the estate, apply to Mr. Fardill, Elsworth, and for further particulars or to treat for the same by private contract, to T. HAGGER, auctioneer, Potton, Bedfordshire.


At two o’clock in the afternoon, on Tuesday, the 6th day of May 1817 at the George Inn, Fenstanton, Hunts, in One Lot, subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which timely notice will be given.

An INCLOSED ALLOTMENT of very rich PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, situate, lying, and being at Elsworth aforesaid, containing Fortyseven Acres, and Twentyseven Perches, bounded on the south by land of Mr. Edward Brand, and the Reverend Matthew Holworthy, on the west by Mr. Holworthy and Henry Sweeting, Esq., north by Mr. Sweeting and east by the meadow road. 13A. 3R. 31P. of the above are copyhold, at the will of the Lord of the Manor of Elsworth, quit-rent 3s 6d.

N.B. For a view of the estate, apply to Mr. Fardill, Elsworth, and for further particulars or to treat for the same by private contract, to T. Hagger, auctioneer, at Potton, Bedfordshire.

Elsworth 14th November MANOR of the RECTORY of ELSWORTH in the County of Cambridgeshire.

Notice is hereby given, That a General Court Baron and Customary Court of the Reverend MATTHEW HOLWORTHY, will be holden for the said Manor, on Wednesday, the 26th day of November instant at 12 o’clock at noon, at the usual place, when and where all persons owing suit and service to the said Court, or claiming admission to any land or tenements held of the same Manor are requested to attend; and such persons as have not paid the Free Rents or Quit Rents due from them to the said Lord of the said Manor are peremptorily required to attend and pay the same at the time and place above mentioned.

JOHN LE GRICE Steward of the said MANOR November 1817


Elsworth 24th July

At the quarter sessions for this county on Friday last, Thomas Mabbots, for running away and leaving his wife and children chargeable to the parish of Elsworth, to be imprisoned three weeks, and once publicly whipped.

Elsworth 21st August INQUISITION:

On the 16th inst. an inquisition was taken at Elsworth in this county, on view of the body of John Maling, servant to Mr. Fordham of that parish, who accidentally fell from a cart in a field, and dislocated his neck, which occasioned his death.

Elsworth 13th November To be SOLD by AUCTION by THOMAS HAGGER On Thursday the 19th of November 1818.

All the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, of the late Mr. THOMAS WEBB, miller, deceased, comprising three 4 post bedsteads, with new chintz and moreen furniture, three geese and other feather bolsters, pillows, blankets, and quilts, mahogany and wainscot dining, dressing, and claw tables, ditto chests of drawers, chairs, pier and swing glasses, stoves, fenders, fire-irons, glass, china, beer cases, 2 shaft roll, winnowing machine, dung cart, horse harness, and effects; Catalogues of which are in circulation, to be had at all the adjacent towns; place of sale; and of the auctioneer, at Potton.


Elsworth 10th August Shop burglary.

Edward Moore (aged 18) was capitally convicted of breaking open the shop, part of the dwelling-house of James Smith, of Elsworth, shopkeeper, in the night of the 12th or early in the morning of the 13th of May last, and stealing therefrom divers country bankers’ notes and silver coin to the value of £35 and upwards. He received sentence of death. – Thos. Brand, charged with a similar offence, was acquitted.


Knapwell 19th April

On Tuesday last died, after a few days illness, in the 83rd year of his age, Mr. John Smith, a respectable farmer, at Knapwell in this county.


Elsworth 21st October Riding without reins.

John Crouch, servant to Mr. Baldock, of Elsworth, farmer, was convicted on the 11th inst. by Thomas Quintin, Esq. in the full penalty of forty shillings, for riding in a waggon drawn by horses, without reins, or having any person on foot or on horseback to guide the same, whereby the carriage of the Rev. Mr. Holmes, of Croxton, was driven against and broken.


Elsworth 4th August Death of Rector.

On the 27th ult. at Godmanchester, in the 71st year of his age, the Rev. Matthew Holworthy, rector of Elsworth, in this county.

Elsworth 6th October Hall to let.


TO LET, with immediate possession CONSISTING of a roomy FAMILY HOUSE, with an excellent Dining Parlour, Study and small room adjoining, capital kitchens, Butler’s Pantry, and all requisite in-door offices; a noble Drawing-room with three circular windows, numerous principal and other Bed rooms; the whole lately put into most excellent repair, painted and papered throughout, and fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family. The Coach- house, Stables, Brewhouse and out-door Offices, are numerous and conveniently arranged.

The approach to the House is by a Carriage drive, and there are excellent Pleasure, Flower, and Kitchen Gardens, with a Lawn opposite, and upwards of Nine Acres of Pasture Land immediately adjoining.

N.B. -Elsworth is situated twelve miles from Cambridge, six from Huntingdon, and within an easy distance of Earl Fitzwilliam’s, the Oakley and Gransden Hunts.

For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. G. B. WHITE, Town Clerk’s Office, St Andrew’s Street; or to J. WENTWORTH, Auctioneer and Appraiser, corner of St John’s Street, Cambridge.


Elsworth 16th March

To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. BUTLER. Under the authority of the Insolvent Debtors’ Court, at the Plough Inn, in Elsworth, on Friday the 23rd day of March instant, between the hours of six and seven o’clock in the evening, subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced.

The following valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATES, in Elsworth:

Lot 1. All that excellent FREEHOLD TOWER WINDMILL, on Read Hill, with one pair of French Stones, one pair of Peak ditto, Running Gears, Dressing Machine, and other usual articles. A good Brick and Tile STORE HOUSE, nearly new, adjoins the Mill, having one Rood of land belonging to it

The Mill is in full business, a good High Road close to it, and is occupied by Mr. Ambrose, at an annual rent of £26.

Lot 2. All that convenient MESSUAGE, most eligibly situated in the centre of ELSWORTH containing a Kitchen, Parlour, Bakehouse, Oven, Grocer’s Shop, four Chambers, and Outhouses. Also a Barn, Stabling for three horses, Yard, Granary, Orchard of three roods, well planted with choice and thriving fruit trees.

These premises are Copyhold of the Rectory Manor, Fine certain and Quit- rent small, and are occupied by Mr. Samuel Witherow, at a low rent of £19 per annum, who is carrying on an extensive trade there.

Half of the purchase-money may (if required) remain on security of the premises.

Further particulars may be had of Mr. Charles Witherow, of Elsworth, or of Mr. Fisher, solicitor. St. Ives. March 9th 1827.

Knapwell 6th April

On Friday last an inquest was held at Knapwell, before John Ingle, Esq., one of the coroners for this county, on view of the body of a man who was found lying dead between the 8th and 9th mile stones on the St. Neots road, the preceeding day. On examining his pockets was found (among other things) part of a hawker’s and pedlar’s licence, filled up with the name of Joshua Hawkins, of Cambridge, dated 1824.

Elsworth 21st September

To be SOLD by AUCTION, by THOMAS BUTLER, (Under the authority of the Insolvent Debtors’ Court,) at the Plough Inn, Elsworth, on Saturday the 13th day of October next, between the hours of six and 8 o’clock in the evening, (subject to such conditions of sale as will then and there be produced)

The following VALUABLE ESTATE, in Elsworth;

All that excellent TOWER WINDMILL, on Read Hill, with one pair of French Stones, Running Gear, Dressing Machine, and other usual articles; a good brick and tile STORE-HOUSE, nearly new, adjoins the Mill, having about One Rood of Land belonging to it.

The Mill is in full Business, a good High Road close to it, and is now occupied by Mr. Ambrose.

Further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Fisher, Solicitor, St. Ives. Sept 19, 1827

Elsworth 21st December Death of Farmer.

On Friday last, at Elsworth, in the 82nd. year of his age, Mr. Jeremiah Fardill, for many years a respectable farmer of that place.


Elsworth 5th March Insolvent debtor.

Pursuant to the Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England.


PETITION of an Insolvent Debtor, to be heard at the Court-House, in Portugal Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, on THURSDAY the first day of April, 1830, at nine o’clock in the forenoon.

WILLIAM BULL, formerly of Elsworth, near Caxton, blacksmith and farmer; then of Elsworth aforesaid, blacksmith, farmer, and licensed victualler; afterwards of Elsworth aforesaid, blacksmith and farmer; and late of Elsworth aforesaid, all in Cambridgeshire, blacksmith and shopkeeper.

E. P. SUTTON, Attorney, 6, Clement’s Inn, Strand; and 39, Belvidere Place, Southwark.


1. If any Creditor intends to oppose a Prisoner’s discharge, notice of such intention must be given by entry thereof in the proper page and column of the book kept for that purpose at the Office of the Court, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and four in the afternoon, three clear days before the day of the hearing above-mentioned, exclusive of Sunday, and exclusive both of the day of entering such notice and of the said day of hearing.

N.B. – Entrance to the Office in Portugal Street.

2. The Petition and the Schedule, and all Books, Papers, and Writings filed therewith, will be produced by the proper Officer for inspection and examination, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, until the last day for entering opposition inclusive; and copies of the Petition and Schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer, according to the Act 7 Geo. IV. c. 57, sec.76.

3. Opposition at the hearing can only be made by the Creditor in person, or by Counsel appearing for him.

Elsworth 9th April INSOLVENT DEBTORS’ COURT April 3.

William Bull, a blacksmith, late of Elsworth, near St. Ives, was opposed by Mr. Cooke, on behalf of several creditors.

The insolvent in his examination by Mr. Cooke, stated that on the 20th of January he was arrested, gave bail immediately in order to come to a London prison, and two days afterwards he rendered to the King’s Bench prison.

Mr. Cooke – Now, Sir, on your oath, did you not, while at home, receive a letter from London giving you instructions respecting your excepted articles?

Insolvent – No, Sir, I received no letter.

Mr. Cooke – Now, man, mind what you are about; I tell you I have affidavits. Did you not receive a letter from an attorney’s clerk, telling you to get your excepted articles valued to the amount of £15, and bring up the inventory with a blank date on it?

Insolvent – (after some hesitation) I believe I did, Sir.

Mr. Cooke – You believe you did. Where is the letter?

Insolvent – I have not got it now.

Mr. Cooke then put in the affidavits of a broker and an attorney residing in St. Ives, from which it appeared that previous to the insolvent coming up to render to prison, he received a letter from the clerk of an attorney of this Court, enclosing the blank form of an inventory, and desiring him to get some person to value his excepted articles at £15 so as to leave his clothes to be valued at £5, making the £20 allowed by the Act and directing him not to have the date of the valuation put to it, as that could be done in London, so as to make it appear that the valuation was made subsequent to his render to prison; also requesting him to arrange his affairs speedily, and come as soon as possible to prison, that he might avoid the vacation of the court, and be discharged under the Act the earlier.

Commissioner Harris – So it appears that his excepted articles, the valuation of which is now dated February 4th, were actually valued on the 20th January, before his render to prison.

Mr. Cooke – Yes, Sir, this is the way these things are done.

Commissioner Harris – I shall dismiss the petition. You have been very badly advised, insolvent, both in practicing this deceit upon the Court, and also in coming up to London. Had you gone to Cambridge gaol, you would have saved a great deal of expense, and you would have been heard on your petition earlier. – Petition dismissed.

Elsworth 7th May

An inquest was taken on Tuesday last at Elsworth, before John Ingle, coroner for the county, on the body of Charles Brown, a respectable young man of that place, about 18 years of age. The deceased, with another person, was riding in a cart the day before, when one of the wheels passing suddenly over a heap of dirt, the cart overturned, and falling upon the head of the unfortunate youth, killed him almost instantly. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


Elsworth 12th July Suicide.

A case of determined suicide occurred at Elsworth, on Saturday last, when Samuel Thressold, a young man about 18 years of age, put an end to his existence by hanging himself. At the inquest which was held on view of the body before Mr. Twiss, on Monday, it appeared that the deceased suspended a cord with a noose from the rafter of an outbuilding on the premises of his brother, where he lived, so that by standing on a beam which extended from one side of the building to the other, he could conveniently place his head in it; he then with a string tied his own hands behind him, when which was done it seemed that he swung himself off. The deceased had always been a well- conducted young man, and had never evinced the slightest symptoms of being affected in his intellect; the jury, therefore, which was a very respectable one, after a careful investigation of the circumstances, returned a verdict of felo de se, and he was accordingly, under the coroner’s warrant, buried between the hours of nine and twelve at night, without the observance of religious ceremonies.


Elsworth 23rd October Suicide.

A poor man named Charles Brand, of Elsworth, in this county, committed suicide at that place on the 15th inst. by hanging himself. It appeared at the inquest, which was held on the following day before Mr. Twiss, one of the county coroners, that the deceased, who was 76 years of age, had a sum of one hundred pounds left him about seven years since, which was not exhausted till about a week ago when he changed his last sovereign, and the prospect of being obliged to resort to the parish for relief seemed to have had such an effect upon a mind already enfeebled by years as to prompt the commission of the rash act. – The jury found a verdict of lunacy.

Elsworth 30th October Inquest.

On Friday last an inquest was held at Elsworth before the coroner, Mr Twiss, on view of the body of Ellen Smith, a child four years of age, who was burnt to death on the previous Wednesday. The mother left the house only for a very few minutes to fetch a pail of water, and on her return found the child in the road with her clothes in flames; she was burnt nearly all over her body, and lingered only about four hours. Verdict: accidental death.


Elsworth 3rd June Lamb stolen.

On Saturday night last a lamb hogget was stolen from the sheep fold of Mr. Wm. Balduck, of Elsworth. A reward has been offered for the detection of the offenders.

Elsworth 18th November Death of Rector.

On Sunday last, after a short illness the Rev. Matthew Holworthy, rector of Elsworth, in this county.


Knapwell 20th May

An inquest was taken by Mr. Twiss, one of the county coroners, at Knapwell, on Tuesday last, on view of the body of Elizabeth Morling, a young woman who on the Sunday previous put a period to her existence by hanging herself in a pigsty in that parish. Verdict, Insanity.


Elsworth 15th January Distribution of coal and clothing.

To the numerous instances of kind offices to the poor in this county we are happy to add that of the neighbouring village of Elsworth, where the inhabitants of all denominations have cordially and liberally assisted the rector and churchwardens in raising a fund for the purchase and distribution of coals for the use of their poorer neighbours, a welcome and comforting relief against the cold and severity of the season: and in order that charity should effect the greater good, the farmers have kindly and gratuitously added to their subscriptions the use of their teams for the home-carriage of the fuel. Of this and other works of benevolence, the Lord of the Manor, George Rust, Esq., has been a liberal supporter, and never forgetting his annual supply of appropriate clothing to the more destitute.

Elsworth 12th March Sudden death.

A labouring man, named Samuel Braybrook, of Elsworth, went to bed on Monday night after eating a hearty supper and smoking his pipe, and at 11 o’clock his wife awoke by hearing a gurgling in his throat. She got up and found him quite dead. He was 52 years of age.

Elsworth 10th December Vestry meeting.

On Thursday, the 1st instant, a vestry meeting was held in the parish of Elsworth, for the purpose of making a church-rate to enable the churchwardens to carry on the necessary repairs of the church. The Rev. Oliver Lodge, rector of Elsworth, was in the chair, and the meeting was fully attended, the majority of those present being Dissenters, who opposed the rate on the ground that the rectory land is exempted. The rev. chairman addressed the meeting in a highly becoming manner. In the course of his remarks he said that when he was curate in a village where he lived for many years his house was broken into and property to the amount of £40 stolen therefrom: being poor, he was ill able to bear so great a loss, but in the course of a few days he received from his parishioners a purse containing £70. And when he had left that village to come to Elsworth, the poor subscribed and gave him a handsome piece of plate along with £20. This money he would gladly give towards repairing the church, and he would also pay the rate for his tenants. Upon this the vestry was satisfied, and the necessary rate was granted. – (from a correspondent.)

Elsworth 24th December Inaccuracies in above report.

In reference to an article in one of our late numbers, respecting a vestry for a church-rate in Elsworth, we have authority to state that, notwithstanding some inaccuracies in our report, the arrangement proposed by the rector was satisfactory to the parishioners, and responded to by them in the best spirit.


Elsworth 22nd July Inquest on child.

An inquest was holden before G. J. Twiss, Esq., on Thursday last, at the George and Dragon, Elsworth, on the body of a miserable little child named William Coe, about 8 months old. The evidence went to show that the child was a fine baby when born, but that it had never thriven, and there appeared to be an impression on the mind of one witness, named Judith Watson, that it had never had sufficient food given it by its mother, who was described as not being fond of her children. The jury found “that the deceased came to his death from natural causes, and not by the violence or contrivance of any person.”

Elsworth 12th August Celebration of church restoration.

This venerable building, the ornament of the parish, and the monument of the piety and taste of former times, has been long suffering under the hand of time; and of late the roof of the nave had become so dilapidated and insecure, that it was thought advisable to take it down: this has accordingly been done, and a new one put up, under the superintendence of Mr. Biggs of Linton, not inconsistent with the original design of the edifice. It is intended to celebrate this restoration and other improvements by a public service on Friday evening next, the 18th instant, to commence at five o’clock, on which occasion, we understand, a sermon will be preached by the Rev. Edward Selwyn, M. A., rector of Hemingford Abbots. It is satisfactory to observe that throughout the repairs the services of the church have been performed without a single intermission, the chancel affording a refuge to the younger and more robust portion of the congregation oftentimes, while the rain has been pouring in torrents into the roofless body of the church.


Knapwell 25th January Fatal Accident.

On Tuesday last, Joseph Lindsay, a labourer living at Knapwell, was riding on the shafts of a wagon near Over, and on getting down whilst the horses were in motion, he fell, the wheels passing along his body. The poor man died soon after the accident.


Elsworth 4th April Inquest.

On Tuesday, at Elsworth, on the body of William Desborough, who died suddenly on the previous Sunday. Verdict, “died from natural causes.”

Elsworth 23rd May Pony stolen.

On Thursday last a black pony was stolen from Elsworth, in this county, the property of Mr. Philip Papworth. It is about 4 years old, has two white heels behind, short switch tail, and thick mane, and runs rather wide behind.

Knapwell 5th December

On Saturday last, an inquest was held at Knapwell, in the county, before G. W. Twiss Esq., one of the county coroners, on view of the body of an infant a year and a quarter old, the son of William Coke, of that place. It appeared from the evidence of the mother that some poison had been put upon a plate in a cupboard to destroy vermin with, and that the poor little thing had eaten part of it. Verdict – Accidentally Poisoned.


Knapwell 11th November

A fire broke out on the premises of Mr. Simon Francis last Tuesday morning, about eleven o’clock, which consumed ten stacks (one wheat, three barley, three hay, and the remainder oats and peas), one barn, and part of the stable. It commenced in an oat stack, at the north end of the rickyard. If the wind had not shifted, the whole range of buildings must have fallen prey to the devouring element. The engine from Bourn was soon in attendance and, assisted by the inhabitants of that village, proved of great benefit We are sorry to add that the fire was the work of an incendiary.


Elsworth 3rd February Annual Distribution of Coals.

We feel great pleasure in announcing that the benevolent people of Elsworth have again come forward with their usual liberality; upwards of 23 tons of coal have been distributed to the poorer inhabitants: greatly owing to the strenuous exertions of the worthy rector and churchwardens.

Elsworth 21st April Overseers elected.

On Thursday, the 12th instant, a parish meeting was held at the Rectory house, when Mr. John Martin and Mr. Stephen Witherow were elected overseers; Mr. Richard Brown and Mr. John Roman, churchwardens; Mr. James Parsons and Mr. Philip Papworth, surveyors; and Mr. Thomas Witherow and Mr. Philip Papworth, constables.

Elsworth 28th April Church rate.

At a meeting held at the Rectory-house, on Thursday the 19th inst., a rate of fourpence halfpenny in the pound was granted without opposition, for the purpose of repairing the churchyard wall, which of late has been in a very dilapidated condition.

Elsworth 9th June Choir concert.

On Tuesday, the 5th inst., a vocal concert was given in the National School room, by the Church Choir, which went off to the satisfaction of every one present. It was very numerously attended.

Elsworth 11th August A “Reverend” Delinquent.

This little village has for the last two or three weeks been kept in a bustle of excitement, owing to a rumour that the not very reverend shepherd of a dissenting flock had fallen from his high estate, and had yielded to the delusions and temptations of the evil one. The possession was evinced by the reverend gentleman making an indecent assault upon the person of a young girl 16 years of age, who resided with him as domestic servant. The girl with great prudence and determination frustrated his design, and proceeding to the house of her parents, immediately acquainted them with what had occurred. The reverend gentleman was taxed with the offence, and he made the most abject solicitations that the matter should not be exposed, and promised amendment. The girl returned to his roof, but shortly afterwards the offence was repeated. The poor girl as before left his roof and returned to that of her now irate parents, who published the transaction far and wide. As may be easily imagined, a general feeling of execration was engendered, and the offender has resigned his charge to save himself from being expelled.

Elsworth 10th November School Anniversary Feast.

On Thursday, Nov. 1st, being the anniversary of the opening of the National Schools of this village, the children assembled and attended divine service in the parish church at 11 o’clock. At 2 o’clock they again met in the school room, and a great number of prizes were awarded: after which they were regaled with an excellent tea by the Rev. P.S. Bagge, the Rector. After tea they were amused with a magic lantern, and other sports, which concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. The pleasures of the day ended with a full choral service in the parish church, which was very numerously attended.


Elsworth 27th April Election of parish officers.

The following persons were chosen to serve as parish officers: Mr. T. Webb and Mr. J. Smith, Overseers; Mr. J. Parsons and Mr. P. Papworth, Surveyors; Mr. R. Brown and Mr. J. Roman, Churchwardens; Mr. T. Witherow and Mr. P. Papworth, Constables.

Elsworth 18th May School Treat.

On Ascension Day, the children belonging to the National Schools were bountifully regaled with tea, etc., by the Rev. P.S. Bagge, the Rector: after which the evening was spent in amusements.

Elsworth 18th May Further restoration of church.

The Sedilias and Piscina which were discovered a short time ago have been properly restored, and add greatly to the appearance of the chancel. The stone pillars and arches in the nave have been divested of their unseemly coat of colouring.

Elsworth 25th May Choir Breakfast.

On Sunday last, being Whit-Sunday, the Church Choir was provided with a substantial breakfast at the expense of the Rev. P.S. Bagge, the rector, to which ample justice was done.

Elsworth 1st June Choir Breakfast and Concert.

On Sunday, being Trinity Sunday, the church choir were again regaled with a substantial breakfast by the Rev. P.S. Bagge.

Concert – On Tuesday last, being the “Village Feast”, a Concert was given by the Church Choir, assisted by Mr. Penson, of Cambridge: Mr. Amps presided at the pianoforte. It was attended by about four hundred persons, who were highly gratified. Afterwards the choir and a few others were invited to the Rectory, where an excellent repast was provided by the Rev. P.S. Bagge.

Elsworth 1st June Confirmation.

On Wednesday last the Lord Bishop of Ely held a confirmation in the parish church of Elsworth.

Elsworth 13th July Fowl stealing.

On Friday night last, some person or persons entered a fowl-house belonging to Mr. Fuller, at the Common Farm, and stole therefrom 20 fowls.