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1891 – 1895

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Elsworth 13th February   Restoration of the Church.

The Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, rector, begs to acknowledge the following donations (received and promised) towards the Elsworth Church Restoration Fund: The Lord Bishop of Ely, £20; G. W. Wright-Ingle, Esq., £10; C. W. Townley, Esq., Arthur Sperling, Esq., £5; H. H. English, Esq., £5; Miss Martin (Bredon’s Norton), £5; the Misses Ambrose, £5; Miss Drage (card collection), £5 6s.; the Rev. Dr. Atkinson, Master of Clare College, £2 2s.; Messrs. Jenkins and Jones, £2 2s.; Martin Osborne, Esq., £1 1s; Miss Welsh, Girton College, l0s. 6d. It is earnestly requested that all those who have received, and have not as yet responded to the short appeal for the Diocese “heartily commends to all who are willing to help in preserving a noble place of worship from threatened ruin.

Elsworth 6th March   Conservative Club Annual Meeting.

The annual meeting of this Club was held on Wednesday week. The officers were nearly all re-elected, though the secretary accepted his office with reluctance, but in deference to the unanimously expressed wish of those present. The resignation of Mr. P. T. Gardner, Chairman, was accepted with regret, and Mr. John Martin, C. C., was elected to fill his place. The statement of accounts resulted in the very satisfactory announcement of a balance in hand of £5 12s. l0d. It was decided that the Club-room shall be closed during the months of July, August, and September, but that except in those three months it shall be open four nights in every week, viz., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and that Wednesday evenings shall be set aside for reading and discussion only.

Elsworth 20th March   School Examination.

The report of H.M. Inspector on the late examination of the school has just been received. As this was the first examination under the new code of 1890 the result was looked forward to with some anxiety, but it was highly satisfactory, and the school with a much lower average attendance earned a higher grant than last year. According to the report “an advance has been made in attainments, the tone and discipline is very satisfactory,” and “musical drill” is well done. The full grant has been earned for grammar, and the total grant received is £86 9s. 6d. The children have also received their prizes for needlework, which they owe to the kindness of the Rector, the Misses Hutchinson, and Miss Knox. Seventeen very nice prizes were distributed, some of the highest being of considerable value.

Elsworth 20th March   Restoration of the Church.

The Rev. H. K. Hutchinson begs to acknowledge with thanks the following further donations and subscriptions towards the Elsworth Church Restoration Fund: Messrs. Marshall Bros., £10; George Edward Foster, £5 14s; W. V. Theed, Esq., (card collection), £3 0s. 3d.; Professor J. C. Adams, £2 2s.; Mrs Daintree, £2; Miss E. Watson, £1 1s.; William B. Parsons, Esq., £1 1s.; B. Clifton, Esq., £1 1s.; Bishop of Auckland, £1.

Elsworth 20th March   Conservative Club.

One of the usual bagatelle matches was played between the club and Boxworth on Tuesday evening at Elsworth. Elsworth gained a decisive victory, winning five games out of seven played.

Elsworth 15th May   Church Restoration Fund.

The Rev. H. K. Hutchinson begs to acknowledge with thanks, the receipt of the following donations to the Church Restoration Fund: C. Hatton Gardner, Esq., £5; William Child, Esq., £4; Rev. James Clark, £2; C. Desborough, Esq., £2 2s. Rev. T.G. Lushington, £1; per Miss E. Hutchinson, Professor J.C. Adams, £2 2s.; Miss Kent, £1; A Friend, per Mrs Daintree, £1; Rev. Canon Churton, £1. Further donations are earnestly requested, as the work of restoration will be taken in hand immediately, and the funds are terribly short of the required amount.

Elsworth 5th June   Longevity.

On Sunday last, an old lady named Wilderspin, who had nearly completed her 93rd year, passed peacefully away.

Elsworth 5th June   Church Restoration.

The first part of this work, the re-building of the north aisle, has been begun. The contract for the work has been obtained by Mr. Wade, of St. Neots. In connection with the undertaking, the Rector begs to acknowledge the following subscriptions: Mrs Martin and John Martin Esq., of Papworth Everard, £10 each, and Mrs Dear and friends £8 8s. 0d., per Miss E. Hutchinson.

Elsworth 5th June   The Feast.

Last week was the occasion of the village feast. The early part of the week, which is much looked forward to by visitors (members of families returning home for a holiday, etc.), was rather spoilt by the wet weather which prevailed. On Monday evening, there was a Service of Song given in the School-room, by the Church choir, which was well attended and much appreciated. On Tuesday, a cricket match was played on Captain Duncombe’s grass close between Elsworth and Swavesey, resulting in favour of the visitors; while another cricket match was played on Wednesday, Elsworth v. Alconbury and Stukeley, for the Papworth Cup. This was decided on the first innings, as it was not played out. First innings -Elsworth, 49; Alconbury and Stukeley, 59; second innings -40 for seven wickets. A quoit match on Thursday, between Elsworth and Fenstanton, was won by Elsworth.

Elsworth 14th August   School Treat.

The children of the Church Sunday School had their annual treat on Friday of last week. Weather necessitated a postponement from Thursday, but on Friday was propitious. The children sat down to a splendid tea at tables on the Rectory lawn, after which their mothers also partook of a bountiful repast, many visitors also as well as teachers being entertained at the Rectory. Cricket, swings, quoits, dancing and games of all sorts contributed to the enjoyment of all, and at the close of a very pleasant evening the little ones were presented with buns and sweets, and after three hearty cheers for the Rector and ladies, dispersed to their homes.

Elsworth 4th September   Church Restoration Fund.

The issue of collecting cards for the church restoration fund has met with a liberal response, eleven cards producing £6 16s. 9d. The work of restoration is being carried on at the fine old church, but further donations are needed to complete all that is required.

Elsworth 27th November   Sunday School Club.

The tenth year of the Church Sunday School Club re-opened on Monday, when 75 members joined. The object of the Club has been to encourage thrift, and it has been most successful. The amount paid for the past year by 70 members was £23 5s. The Rector gave a bonus of 2d. in the shilling up to six shillings paid by each child, and ld. in every shilling beyond that sum, the bonuses amounting to £3 l0s. There is also a non-sectarian Women’s Clothing Club, to encourage thrift. The amount received from members last year was £33 13s. 6d., and £5 collected by subscription in the village, which enabled the lady who manages the Club to give a bonus of 2s. 6d. to each member. The Club also re-opened on Monday, and 45 members have already joined.


Elsworth 11th March   Elsworth and District Conservative Club.

The annual general meeting of this club took place on Monday week. There was a good attendance of members, and the chair was taken by Mr. John Martin, of Papworth Everard, the chairman of the Club. The treasurer produced a balance sheet, which proved the Club to be financially in a flourishing condition. The election of officers and committee resulted in the re-election of the same that had been serving, with the exception of the late vice-chairman, having left the neighbourhood. The vacancy thereby caused was filled by the election of Mr. James Witherow. Mr. A. Papworth had also been chairman of the District Polling Committee, to which office Mr. H. Rowlatt was elected. It was then decided that a club supper shall be held about the end of April or beginning of May. Votes of thanks to the Chairman and Secretary concluded the business of the evening. The club now numbers 71, exclusive of eleven honorary members.

Elsworth 1st April   School Inspection.

The report of H.M. Inspector upon the examination of these schools has just been received. It runs as follows : Mixed school. “This school continues to do well. The children are more intelligent than last year. School drill is well done, and tone and discipline are good.” Infants’ school. “The infants’ class may again be ranked as good; an efficient monitor has been appointed. Some more reading books are needed for the infants.” The total grant received is £86 11s. 4d. Through the kindness of the ladies from the Rectory the girls have just had prizes given them for their needlework. Seventeen very nice prizes were presented, comprising work-boxes, work-baskets, pictures, toys, etc., and the recipients went home highly delighted.

Elsworth 1st April   Church Restoration Fund.

The Rector begs to acknowledge the receipt of the following donations to the above fund, per Miss E. Hutchinson: Mrs Child, £5; Sir Charles Hall, M.P., £2 2s. The restoration of the church is now approaching completion, and it will be re-opened during the present month.

Elsworth 22nd April   Re-opening of Elsworth Church.

Tuesday last was a gala day in this village, it being the occasion of the re opening of the fine old parish church. This church, which was in parts in an extremely dilapidated condition, the north wall almost coming down, the roof leaking, and the walls in a state of mildew, has been undergoing the process of restoration since June last, and has just been finished. The work has been very extensive, costing upwards of £1,000, which the Rector and his sisters have collected, and the church now presents a very different appearance to that which it formerly did. A fine east window has been placed in the chancel as a memorial to the late Rev. E. Cheere, of Papworth Hall, who took great interest in the church, and, indeed, was the prime mover of the restoration, starting the fund with the munificent donation of £300, besides making himself responsible for the architect’s fees. The Bishop of Ely was present to conduct the service, which was attended by the neighbouring clergy and gentry, among whom we noticed the Rev. S. L. A. Cooper, M.A. (Rural Dean), Rev. E. Dale Galloway, M.A., Rev. John Watkins, M.A., Rev. C. J. Loar, M.A., Rev. L. P. Roberts, M.A., Rev. Frewer, and the Rev. G. R. Bullock Webster (chaplain to the Bishop). There were also present, Captain W. H. O. Duncombe and the Misses Duncombe, Mr. A. Sperling and Miss Sperling, Mr. W. M. Fawcett and Mrs Gardner, of Conington Hall. The congregation was a very large one. Indeed the fine old church was full in every part, and it is estimated that there were fully five hundred persons present. The sermon was preached by the Bishop, from Psalm xlv., 13, and the offertory, amounting to £16 9s. 2d., was devoted to the restoration fund.

Shortly after the service, a public tea took place in a barn of Mr. James Witherow’s, for the benefit of visitors to the parish on this occasion. Over three hundred people sat down to tea, and afterwards all the children of the village were entertained free of cost.

In the evening, a service of song was held in the schoolroom, which was also crowded to excess. Indeed, many could not be admitted for want of space. The children and members of the choir, who gave the service, under the conductorship of Mr. Billing, acquitted themselves remarkably well. Mr. C. Toskett gave the connective readings.

The surplus, both from the tea and service of song, will go to augment the church restoration fund. The work of restoration was carried out, under Mr. Fawcett, architect, Cambridge, by Mr. W. Wade, builder, St. Neots.

Elsworth 22nd April   Vestry meeting.

A vestry meeting was held in the School-room, on Monday evening. Mr. James Witherow was re-appointed Rector’s warden, and Mr. W. Bleet parish warden.

Elsworth 29th April   Church restoration.

The Rev. H. K. Hutchinson acknowledges the receipt of £1 1s. from the Rev. S. L. A. Cooper, rural dean, towards the Elsworth Church Restoration Fund. To Captain W. Duncombe, Waresley Park, is due to the credit (as well as the late Rev. E. Cheere) of starting the restoration fund, and to the Rev. E. Galloway is due the credit of raising the necessary funds for the re-opening and re-building an elaborate east window in the chancel as a Cheere memorial window.

Elsworth 17th June   Concert in aid of Cricket Club.

A very successful concert, in aid of the village Cricket Club, was held in the school-room, on Monday. The programme was thoroughly appreciated. There was a full audience, with the result that the Club funds were benefited to the extent of about £3.

Elsworth 22nd July   School Treat.

On Friday last the children of the Church Sunday school in this village had their annual treat. After meeting at the school and promenading the village, the youngsters dispersed to their fun in the rectory close, where various games were provided for them. Not only the children, but their mothers and all connected with the Sunday school were entertained at the rectory in a most hospitable manner.

Elsworth 7th October   Harvest Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving services were held in the parish church on Thursday, 29th ult, and last Sunday evening. The fine old church, which has only lately been restored, was profusely decorated by the ladies from the rectory, joined by many willing helpers; and flowers, fruit and vegetables were abundant. The preacher on Thursday was the Rev.C. J. Coar, rector of Hilton. On Sunday evening, the service was repeated, the Rector (the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson) preaching the sermon. The collections, amounting to £4 13s. 2d., together with the vegetables and fruit, are devoted, as usual, to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Elsworth 21st October   Presentations.

Two interesting presentations have been made in this village during this week. Mr. C. Foskett, who has lately vacated the post of lay-reader to proceed to residence at St. Augustine’s College, Canterbury, has been much regretted by the people of the village, among whom he was a universal favourite; and their esteem has taken form in a collection of money, resulting in the amount of £6 15s. 8d. being forwarded him with sincere wishes for his future welfare. Miss E. A. Witherow, late pupil teacher at the National School, and who was one of the successful candidates at the recent Queen’s Scholarship examination, has been the recipient of a handsomely fitted dressing-case and leather writing case, subscribed for by friends, school-children, and parents.

Elsworth 28th October   Evening School.

An exhibition of magic-lantern views was given in the school-room on Thursday of last week. An evening school is just being started in this village, and the entertainment was promoted and conducted by Mr. W. R. Billing, as an inauguration of the scheme, and as affording an opportunity of explaining the working of the evening school, which is a new departure in this parish. The views were illustrative of a tour in Cornwall. Mr. Billing proposes to give, in connection with the evening school, fortnightly lectures on some educational subject, which are to be illustrated by means of the magic-lantern. The school commences forthwith, and promises to be a success.

Elsworth 11th November   Conservative Club Supper.

A supper was given at the Club-room on Wednesday, the 2nd instant. In the unavoidable absence of the chairman, Mr. John Martin, his place was occupied by the secretary, Mr. W. R. Billing, who was supported by Mr. Josiah Smith, of Willingham, and Messrs. James and Charles Witherow. After a most interesting speech from Mr. Smith, the evening was spent in harmony, the singers being Messrs. R. Hinson, A. Wilderspin, J. Braybrook Junr., E. Witherow, W. R. Billing, M. Hodson, and F. Bint.

Elsworth 16th December   Cricket Club Supper.

A supper for members of the Cricket Club was held at the George and Dragon inn, on the 6th inst., supplied in good style by Mrs A. Wilderspin. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded both to Captain Duncombe and Mr. F. Kirby for granting the use of ground for practice and for matches.


Elsworth 13th January   Seasonable Gifts.

Although, unfortunately, there is no Squire at Elsworth, yet the poor of the village have not been neglected at Christmas-tide. The Rector, with his usual liberality, distributed 4 tons 6 cwt. of coal to 43 poor members of the Church, and the ladies of the Rectory, with other generous residents, have given tea, sugar, wine, and money to a large number of poor women. Now the “White Church” and “Clerksfield” Charities are being distributed to 91 families in 1½ cwt. of coal each; and next week the sum of £5, given by a kind friend to the Rector for the poor of the village, will be distributed also in coal to about 50 poor widows and others belonging to Church and Chapel. The Sunday school children have been rewarded by the Rector for regular attendance, three prizes of books being given to each class.

Elsworth 10th February   Marriage.

On Wednesday, the 1st inst., the marriage of Miss Annie Bleet, third daughter of Mr. William Bleet, builder, and Mr. Joseph Longhurst, of St. George’s, Hanover Square, London, was celebrated in the parish church. On the following day Mr. Bleet gave a supper to his employees in commemoration of the event.

Elsworth 10th February   Children’s National Guild of Courtesy.

This Guild has obtained a footing in this village, a branch of it having been started, which already numbers 42 members and five associates.

Elsworth 10th February   The Schools.

Her Majesty’s Inspector (Mr. F. W. H. Myers) and his assistant (Mr. A. Bartlett) paid their annual visit for the inspection and examination of these schools on Tuesday, and the event passed off very successfully.

Elsworth l0th March   Conservative Club.

The annual meeting of the Elsworth and District Conservative Club was held on Thursday, 2nd. inst. There was a very good attendance, and the chair was taken by Mr. John Martin, of Papworth Everard. A report was read by the Secretary showing that the affairs of the club remain in a very satisfactory state. There is a balance in hand and a roll of between 90 and 100 members. The election of officers resulted as follows: Chairman, Mr. John Martin; vice-chairmen, Messrs. J. Child, T. Goodley, C. Witherow, W. R. Billing, and James Witherow; treasurer, Mr. E. A. McKay; secretary, Mr. W. R. Billing; assistant secretary, Mr. W. Desborough; custodian, Mr. Samuel Braybrook. Remaining members of the committee are Messrs. R. Hinson, D. Picking, D. Witherow, S. Gathard, W. Prior (Boxworth), R. Pratt (Boxworth), E. Witherow, and S. Witherow. It was decided that the usual club supper take place in the early part of May.

Elsworth 31st March   Conservative Club Meeting.

A meeting was held in the School-room, on Tuesday evening, in support of the candidature of Mr. Carbery Evans. The room was full. Mr. Evans was accompanied by Lady Henrietta, and there were also present, Mr. W. P. Spalding, and Mr. J. S. French, -Mr. H. Rowlatt was voted to the chair, and in a short speech introduced Mr. Carbery Evans to the meeting. -In his address Mr. Evans alluded to most of the political questions of the day, referring to Acts which have been passed in recent years, and to others which it was his opinion should be passed, as being of general benefit to the working man, and so to the nation as a whole; while he considered the passing of the Home Rule Bill would be most disastrous in its effects, and the Local Veto Bill a monstrous interference with the liberty of the subject. He was most attentively listened to, and his concluding remark that all considered would, by the passing of their proposed measures, most benefit the nation, was received with applause. -Mr. Spalding most ably followed, dwelling more particularly upon the Home Rule question, as well as the Welsh Suspensory Bill, and giving a lucid explanation of the Local Veto Bill and its probable working, -Mr. Evans then asked for questions to be put upon points raised either in his or Mr. Spalding’s remarks; but as none were forthcoming, he said he had pleasure in performing the usual duty, as to which, however an audience may differ in other points, they were generally unanimous, and that was the proposing a vote of thanks to the chairman, -This was seconded by Mr. French in a few well-chosen words, and was carried by acclamation.

Elsworth 28th April   Death from Heart Disease.

On Tuesday last a labourer named Thomas Reynolds, 73 years of age, of Elsworth, was watching a row between two men when he dropped down dead from excitement. Death was due to heart disease, and at an inquest held by Mr. A. J. Lyon, the County Coroner, yesterday, a verdict to this effect was returned.

Elsworth 12th May   Conservative Club.

A most successful meeting was held on Thursday, 4th inst. The occasion was the Club’s annual supper, at which 63 members were present. Among the visitors were Mr. J. Carbery Evans and Mr. Josiah Smith, and each of these gentlemen gave a most interesting speech. After the usual loyal toasts proposed by the chairman (Mr. John Martin), the evening was spent in harmony. The supper was most creditably provided by Mr. Alfred Wilderspin, of the George and Dragon Inn. An excellent musical programme was rendered by Messrs. R. Hinson, R. Muirhead, E. Witherow, M. Hodson, S. Braybrook, A. Wilderspin, R. Pratt, W. R. Billing and G. Allpress.

Elsworth 14th July   Sunday School Treat.

On Tuesday the children of the Church Sunday School of this village, together with their mothers and teachers and the members of the choir, had their annual treat on the Rectory grounds, where they were entertained and provided with various kinds of amusements until dark. The number of children who sat down to tea was 118, and afterwards their mothers were sumptuously entertained. Altogether the number of persons partaking of the entertainment, so kindly provided, was not far short of 200.

Knapwell 29th September   Harvest Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving services for the harvest were held in the church of this parish on Wednesday, 20th inst, and Sunday. The preacher on both occasions being the Rev. Henry J. Fry, Rector of Hardwick. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers, berries, fruit, and vegetables, and the offertories which amounted to £1 18s 9d were chiefly for the benefit of Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Elsworth 6th October   Harvest thanksgiving.

A thanksgiving service was held on Thursday, 28th ult., and repeated on the evening of Sunday last. The decorations were carried out in a very tasteful manner and looked extremely pretty. This work was under the supervision of Miss E. Hutchinson, who found most able and willing assistants, in many lady residents of Elsworth, whose efforts are deserving of great thanks and praise. The offerings of fruit and vegetables were also abundant. The service, which was partly choral, was a bright one; the choir being augmented to the strength of 40 voices for this special occasion. The anthem was “Praise Him”, (T. F. Seward), and after the Benediction, Jackson’s Te Deum was sung. A short recital, as is usual on this occasion, was given by the Organist (Mr. W. R. Billing), at the conclusion of the service. The preacher on Thursday evening was the Rev. H. J. Fry (Rector of Hardwick), the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson (Rector), reading the prayers, while the lessons were read by Mr. F. W. Goodman, who is leaving the parish for missionary work in Canada, to the great regret of all who know him. The collection, amounting to the sum of £5 1s., is devoted to the funds of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, to which Institution the fruit and vegetables were also sent.

Elsworth 3rd November   Evening Continuation School.

At the dispersion of the Evening School after last winter a special meeting was held, when Mr. R. P. Parsons and Mr. James Witherow, managers, were present, and a short address was delivered by Mr. Parsons upon the benefits which may be obtained by young people through attendance at evening schools; and in which he exhorted them to return to them during another session, and continue their endeavours in the direction of self help. This address has evidently borne fruit, and the advice has been followed, for the school has just been opened for this winter with 52 scholars in attendance. This is very encouraging to those teachers who have taken this work in hand. The conducting of an Evening School, after the work of teaching throughout the day, is no light task, and when such work is undertaken it is very gratifying, to find that there are such a number willing to take advantage of it and to appreciate the efforts made on their behalf.

Elsworth 22nd December   Seasonable Benevolence.

Mr. Pusey, a gentleman who has hired the shooting at Elsworth Common, has lately most thoughtfully forwarded a number of rabbits for distribution among the poor widows of this place.


Elsworth 26th January  Choir Supper.

On Friday the Rector gave his annual supper to the members of the church choir, who were joined by Church-wardens, Sunday-School teachers and others. About 35 sat down to a bountiful spread in the schoolroom, and the evening was spent in various amusements. A vote of thanks to the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson for his generosity was proposed, and carried by hearty acclamations.

Elsworth 2nd February   National Agricultural Union.

On the 24th inst. a meeting was held in the schoolroom, Elsworth, in support of the National Agricultural Union, to form a branch for Elsworth and District. The meeting was well attended. The chair was taken by Mr. R. P. Parsons, who proceeded to explain the object of the meeting, and reminded his hearers that in all things “union is strength”. About forty of those present gave in their names as members of the proposed Branch, and other meetings are to be held shortly, both in Elsworth and the neighbouring villages, to regularly institute it, and to form a committee and elect officers, etc.

Elsworth 23rd February   National Agricultural Union.

A meeting was held in the school-room, on Tuesday evening, to form a Branch of this Union for Elsworth and district. The room was packed with an enthusiastic audience, and the meeting was a most successful one, the Branch commencing its existence with a muster-roll of sixty members. The following officers were elected: Chairman, Mr. R. P. Parsons; Vice-chairman, Mr. John Martin, C. C.; treasurer, Mr. A. J. Hodson; auditor, Mr. F. Kirby; secretary, Mr. W. R. Billing; committee, Messrs. A. Pentleow (Papworth St. Agnes), Scambler (Conington), J. Kirby (Boxworth), S. Revell, N. Green, J. Parnwell, T. Dawson, C Driver, B. Poulter, and W. Desborough. The bye-laws as proposed by the National Agricultural Union were then considered, and, after one slight alteration viz., that at a committee meeting seven be necessary to form a quorum instead of three, were adopted. The following resolution was put to the meeting, upon the proposal of Mr. Parsons, seconded by Mr. Pentleow : “That each member does his best to promote the interests of this Branch of the N.A.U.” and was carried unanimously. A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the business of the meeting.

Elsworth 9th March   Conservative Club.

The monthly meeting of this Club took place on Tuesday evening. The Treasurer’s statement showed a balance in hand with which to commence the new year. The officers and committee were all re-elected with the exception of the Secretary. That office has been held for the last four years by Mr. Billing, who has found it necessary to relinquish it through pressure of other business. He, therefore, while thanking the Club for the proposal to re-elect him, begged to appoint some other member. The result was that the members present unanimously elected Mr. N. Green as secretary. It was decided that the usual Club supper should be held. Votes of thanks to the officers for their past services and to the Chairman for presiding ended the meeting.

Knapwell 25th March   Parish Meeting.

The annual parish meeting was held in the schoolroom last Friday evening. Mr. Joseph Mitchell was elected Chairman for the ensuing year. Messrs. T. Goodley and A. E. Speck were appointed overseers, Mr. T. Chapman was chosen as Constable, and Mr. A. E. Speck as Rural District Councillor. Mr. Joseph Mitchell was also appointed Trustee of the Parish Charities. A copy of the last return to the Charity Commissioners of these charities has been entered in the minute book of the Parish Meeting, and from this it appears that these amount to £7 8s 0d a year -all but 15s 0d of this going directly to the poor. The 15s 0d is for the benefit of the Highway.

Elsworth 13th April   National Agricultural Union.

A well-attended meeting of the Branch for Elsworth and District was held in the school-room on Tuesday evening. Delegates were appointed to serve on the Rural Council -Mr. H.P. Parsons (land-owner), Mr. Scambler (occupier), and Mr. H. Cannon (labourer). The meeting concluded with a discussion on Village Benefit Societies, and the means of improving them with the view of securing their stability.

Elsworth 27th April   Conservative Club.

The annual supper was held at the Club-room on Thursday, the 19th inst. There was a good attendance. Mr. W. R. Billing presided, in the unavoidable absence of the chairman, and was supported by Mr. Josiah Smith, of Willingham, and Mr. J. S. French. After supper, which was provided in a most creditable style by Mrs Brown, of the Fox and Hounds Inn, the evening was devoted to speeches and harmony. Mr. Smith gave a stirring address, being ably followed by Mr. French. Contributors to the evening’s harmony were Messrs. R. Muirhead, R. Pratt, M. Hodson, S. Braybrook, D. Picking, E. Witherow, and W. R. Billing. Cordial votes of thanks to the chairman and visitors concluded a very pleasant evening.

Elsworth 1st June   Technical Education in Cambs.

A public meeting of the County Council electors was held in the Schoolroom on Thursday, the 24th ult., to form a Local Committee for carrying out the County Council Technical Education scheme. The meeting was promoted by Mr. John Martin, C. C. for the district, and Mr. Austin Keen, the Organising Secretary for the Technical Education Committee of the Cambs. County Council. Both these gentlemen were present and after Mr. Martin had briefly stated the object of the meeting and introduced Mr. Keen, that gentleman gave an explanation of the comprehensive scheme of Technical Education lately promulgated by the Cambs. County Council. The election of a Local Committee was then proceeded with and the committee was constituted as follows: Mr. R. P. Parsons, chairman; Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, treasurer; Miss E. Hutchinson, Mrs Parsons, Mr. S. Papworth, Mr. Bleet, and Mr. W. R. Billing, secretary. Mr. A. Sperling, of Lattenbury Hill, and Mr. John Martin, C.C., are members ex officio. A class for instruction in butter making, cream cheese making, etc. has been commenced in the village this week.

Elsworth 15th June   Wedding.

This village was all excitement on Wednesday the 6th inst., on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Lilla A. Papworth, second daughter of Mr. Samuel Papworth, with Mr. Charles Edward Colle, of Cardiff. The ceremony was performed by the rector (the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson), and the service was fully choral. Mr. W. Billing played the “Wedding March” at the conclusion. The bride was dressed in cream broche’ silk, trimmed with orange blossoms and lace, and wore a wreath of orange blossoms and embroidered veil, and carried a lovely shower bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Papworth, the Misses Mary and Alice Papworth, and Miss Mabel Redding, sisters and cousin of the bride, who wore dresses of cream cashmere trimmed with buttercup silk, and each carried a basket of choice flowers. The bridegroom’s friend was Mr. Ibbott, of London. A spacious marquee was erected upon the lawn for the accommodation of the numerous guests, over seventy of whom were invited, and shortly after the breakfast the happy pair departed for Rugby en route for the English lakes, where their honeymoon is to be spent. Mr. Papworth’s employees were sumptuously entertained at supper on the following evening in honour of the event

Elsworth 13th July   Accident.

An accident, which might have had a serious termination, happened here on Friday last. While Dr. Grove, of St. Ives, was visiting one of his patients, two dogs at play upon the road rolled under the feet of his horse, which was waiting outside, in the charge of his groom. The startled horse started off, and after a very short run capsized the trap into a ditch, smashing it, and pitching out the man, who, fortunately, was not seriously hurt.

Knapwell 17th August   School Treat.

Through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs Goodley, of the Wood Farm, the children of the Day School had a very pleasant afternoon on Wednesday, the 8th inst. Owing to the unsettled state of the weather, the tea was served in the house instead of on the lawn; but afterwards the sky cleared and the children were amused with various games and races in the field. Among the visitors present were the Rev. Henry J. Fry (curate in charge of Knapwell and Rector of Hardwick), Miss Fry, the Misses Dawson (of Bourn), Miss A. Goodley, and several members of the family of the host and hostess.

Elsworth 5th October   Harvest Thanksgiving Services.

The harvest festival was held in the parish church on the evenings of Thursday, 27th ult., and Sunday. The church was most tastefully decorated for the occasion, the work being carried out by the following ladies: Miss E. Hutchinson, Mrs Billing, Miss Bleet, Miss Witherow, Miss Mewse, Miss Fairchild, Mrs Parnell, and Mrs Childerley. The offerings of flowers, fruit, and vegetables were abundant. The services were fully choral, special psalms, hymns, etc., being sung. The sermon on Thursday was preached by the Rev. H. J. Fry, rector of Hardwick, the preacher on Sunday being the Rector of the parish, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson. The collections were for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the amount realized being £5 5s. 6d. On the Monday following, the vegetables and fruit was also despatched to Addenbrooke’s.

Elsworth 19th October   Fatal accident.

At Addenbrooke’ 5 Hospital, on Monday afternoon, the Borough Coroner (Mr. H. Saunders French) held an inquiry into the cause of the death of James Woolf, aged 75, who died in the Hospital, from the effects of a fall, a few hours after his admission on the previous Friday evening.
Joseph Woolf, of Elsworth, a labourer, in the employment of Capt. Duncombe, identified the deceased as his father, and said that the deceased had lived at Elsworth, and had worked as a labourer. He was at the time of the accident in casual work, in the employ of John Coe. Witness saw nothing of the accident, but he conveyed him to the Hospital.

By the Coroner: Deceased had complained of a feeling of dizziness during the last year.
John Coe, of Elsworth, a postman, said he farmed about ten acres of land, and he had employed the deceased on the day of the accident. Deceased was at work on a straw stack, taking straw from the elevator. In the afternoon, between 3 and 4 o’clock, witness went round the straw stack to see whether it lay all right. When he got round to the far end of the straw stack he saw the deceased staggering on the top of the stack, at the side, against the elevator. He fell backwards and made a struggle, his head appearing twice. Witness climbed onto a gate and saw him fall off head first between the stack and the barn. The stack was about 13ft high. There was another man on the stack with the deceased, and witness called out to him, but he did not hear. The occurrence lasted about a minute. In reply to a juryman, witness said the deceased appeared in his usual health in the morning.

Mr. Henry Sidney Wade, house physician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, said the deceased was admitted on the 12th inst, at 8.15 p.m., in an unconscious condition. There was a compound depressed fracture of the right side of the head just above the ear. He died at 10.15 p.m. On making a post mortem, witness found a fracture of the right side of the base of the skull, laceration of the left side of the brain, and an effusion of blood at the base of the brain. The cause of death was due to compression and laceration of the brain. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death”.

The first two witnesses were about fifteen minutes late, and at the conclusion of the enquiry, the coroner informed them that their expenses would therefore not be allowed.

Elsworth 19th October   Technical Education.

A course of lessons on dressmaking is being given in the village by Miss Lilley under the auspices of Cambs. County Council. There are two lessons in each week, on Wednesday afternoons and evenings, and these are to continue until Christmas. There are a good number of entries, and the course promises to be a popular one.

Elsworth 26th October   Evening Continuation School.

The Evening Continuation School which has been successfully carried on during the last two winters, and which seems to meet with a genuine appreciation, was re-opened for this winter’s session on Monday. The attendance was very good and the session promises to be as successful as the former ones have been.

Elsworth 7th December   Parish and District Councils Meetings and Nominations.

The Parish Meeting for the election of the Parish Council was held in the School-room, at 7 p.m. There were 68 persons present Mr. R. P. Parsons proposed, and Mr. S. Papworth seconded, “That Mr. Rowlatt take the chair.” This was carried unanimously. After the chairman had explained the purpose of the meeting, the Rector spoke a few words, urging upon those present the desirability of the election being conducted with an absence of any unpleasant feeling, as it was for the benefit of the whole parish alike, and all present, being parishioners, had doubtless at heart the future well being and prosperity of Elsworth. This was warmly applauded. Eleven nomination papers were handed in, all of which were declared valid, and, after a show of hands, the following seven were found to have received most support:

1, Mr. William Tabraham, labourer; 2, Rev. Henry Knox; 3, Mr. Samuel Papworth,farmer; 4, Mr. Thomas Dawson, sen. grazier; 5, Mr. Samuel Braybrooke, carrier; 6, Mr. John Haynes, labourer; 7, Mr. Richard Papworth Parsons, farmer. The four other candidates signified that it was not their intention to demand a poll, and no other elector having done so, the above- mentioned seven were declared duly elected.


Elsworth 8th February   National Agricultural Union.

A very successful meeting of this branch of the National Agricultural Union was held in the Schoolroom, on Thursday 31st ult. Thirty two members were present and the chair was taken by Mr. R. P. Parsons. The accounts for the year were examined and found correct; and the sum of £2 was unanimously voted to the secretary for his services. Mr. Parsons gave an interesting address on “Co- operation in Food Production”, and impressed upon his hearers the need of united action in the cause of agriculture. Mr. Kefford followed, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Parsons for his address.

Elsworth 15th February   Seasonal Benevolence.

During last week, a generous donor, who wishes to remain unknown, placed six tons of coal at the disposal of the rector, for distribution among the poor of Elsworth, a gift of which, at this severe season, is certain to be gratefully appreciated.

Elsworth 1st March   Conservative meeting.

A meeting was held in the school-room, on Tuesday, in support of the candidature of Mr. Raymond Greene. The room was thronged, and the meeting was a most orderly and successful one. The chair was taken by Mr. H. Rowlatt; and the speakers were Mr. Raymond Greene, who was enthusiastically received, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. J. S. French.

Elsworth 8th March   Agricultural Union.

A well attended meeting of the Elsworth District Branch of the N.A.U. was held in the school-room last Friday. Nearly forty members were present, and the chair was taken by Mr. R. P. Parsons. The business of the meeting was the consideration of a proposed alteration of the rules of the N.A.U., which did not meet with the approval of the meeting. A list of questions, forwarded by the Central Council of the N.A.U., bearing upon the prevailing agricultural distress, was dealt with, and a petition to Parliament, promoted also by the Central Council, was signed by a large number of members.

Elsworth 15th March   Conservative Club.

The Elsworth and District Conservative Club held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, 6th inst. The chair was taken by Mr. W. R. Billing and there was a fair attendance of members. The balance sheet was produced, and showed the Club to have a small balance in hand. The election of officers for the year resulted in the following gentlemen being elected nem. con.: Chairman, Mr. John Martin, C.C.; Vice Chairmen, Mr. T. H. Goodley (Knapwell), Mr. W. R. Billing, Mr. Jas. Witherow, Mr. D. Picking, and Mr. W. E. Witherow; Committee, Messrs D. Witherow, W. Prior, R. Pratt, S. Witherow, S. Braybrook, J Bleet, and J Childerley; Treasurer, Mr. McKay; Secretary, Mr. N. Green; Assistant Secretary, Mr. W. Desborough; Caretaker, Mr. S. Braybrook.

Elsworth 22nd March   Confirmation.

A confirmation service was held at Boxworth on Wednesday, the 13th inst., by the Bishop of Ely, at which Elsworth was represented by twenty-seven candidates. Upon their return they assembled in the school-room, where they were met by Miss Hutchinson and Miss Knox, who had provided for them an excellent tea, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Their appreciation was shown by a hearty vote of thanks before parting, which Miss Hutchinson most feelingly responded to in words suited to the occasion.

Elsworth 24th May   Conservative Club.

The annual supper of this club was held at the club room on Thursday evening, the 16th inst. The caterer was Mr. Alfred Wilderspin of the George and Dragon Inn, and the supper was provided in his usual well appointed style. There was a good attendance, about fifty members being present. The chair was taken by Mr. John Martin, C.C., and there were also present, Mr. Raymond Greene, the Conservative candidate for West Cambs., Mr. Josiah Smith of Willingham, Mr. J. S. French, the registration agent, and other friends of the cause. Supper over, the remainder of the meeting was spent in speeches and harmony. Mr. Greene, who was enthusiastically received, gave an excellent speech, and was followed by Mr. Smith in his usual stirring manner, while Mr. French, who is always well received at Elsworth, was accorded a most attentive hearing. The songs of the evening were rendered by the following gentlemen: Mr. R. Pratt, * Mr. R Muirhead, * Mr. Scambler, Mr. M. Hodson, Mr. E. Witherow, Mr. W. H. Davies, and Mr. Culpin. The asterisks signify encores. After heartily joining in the National Anthem the company dispersed after a most successful evening.

Elsworth 28th June   The Schools.

The reports on the different examinations and inspections for this year have now been received, and are as follows: Drawing: The examinations took place on the 16th January by Mr. A. Fenton Esq., and on the 9th February the school was reported “Good”. General: The Government examination of the day schools was held on the 7th February by W. H. F. Myers and A. Bartlett, Esqs., and the report received on the 28th February runs thus: “The tone and discipline of this school continues satisfactory, and the schedule subjects and grammar show improvement and are good on the whole. Mental work and recitation are fairly good. The infants’ class is in good order and very fairly taught. The rank of good may this year be assigned. B. Billing is recognised under Article 68 of the Code.” Religious Instruction: The Diocesan Inspector, Canon A. Stoke, examined the School on 7th May, and his report received on 9th May is as follows: “A good deal of progress has been made since I last examined this school two years ago. The answering is at once better and more general than it then was; the memory work was also good, and the written work generally was well done.” The school reported “Good”. Evening Continuation School: The Inspector’s Report received on 15th June is: “Excellent discipline has been maintained in this school, and the teachers have worked hard, but the subjects taken have proved less attractive to the pupils than those taken in previous years, and consequently the progress made, although satisfactory, has not been as great as usual”.

Elsworth July 19th   Sunday School Treat.

The children of the Church Sunday School had their annual treat on Thursday, the 11st inst. After assembling at the school they marched through the village to the Rectory grounds where they dispersed to play until tea time. Tea began about four o’clock, and children to the number of 114, about forty of the mothers, and a great number of other friends, the church choir, Sunday School teachers, and others, were sumptuously entertained, no trouble having been spared by the Misses Hutchinson, Miss Knox, and the Rector to make everyone happy. The usual games, racing, etc., were promoted during the evening, and dancing was indulged in by the teachers and friends. The company at parting showed their appreciation by hearty cheers for the Rector and the Rectory ladies.

Elsworth 1st November   Hospital Sermons.

Owing to the late serious illness of the Rector, it has been found impossible to hold the harvest thanksgiving services. It is the custom in this parish to devote the offertories at the foregoing services to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and in order that the funds of that institution should not suffer, special sermons were preached and collections made in support of them on Sunday 13th ult The result was very satisfactory, the amount realised being £5 13s 6d.

Evening   Continuation School.

The fourth session of this school has just commenced; the subjects taken being reading, writing, arithmetic, history, agriculture, bee-keeping, needlework, and domestic economy. The attendance is very satisfactory. The master, Mr. W. R. Billing, has lately been the recipient of a wood-turning lathe from the Technical Education Committee of the Cambs. County Council, as a prize for the proficiency shown in the examination in woodwork held by the City and Guilds of London Institute in May last; he having passed in the 1st class.

Elsworth 29th November   Trade Exhibition.

At the Trade Exhibition held in the Corn Exchange, Cambridge, during the last week, Elsworth was well represented by some very nice honey, both in sections and in bottles, from the Woodbine Apiary.

Elsworth December 20th   Jumble Sale.

A jumble sale was held in the Schoolroom on Thursday, the 12th inst The weather was extremely inclement, storms of wind and rain prevailing throughout the afternoon and evening, but the sale was nevertheless a great success, the amount realised being over £26. The proceeds are to be devoted to Church and School purposes.