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1896 – 1900

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Elsworth 10th January Choir Supper.

The usual Christmas gathering known as the “choir supper”, but to which are invited not only the members of the choir, but churchwardens, Sunday School teachers, bell ringers, etc., besides friends, was held in the school-room on the last evening of the old year. Thirty-five sat down to a most excellent supper provided by the bountiful liberality of the Rector, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, and the remainder of the evening was devoted to singing, dancing, and various games. About one o’clock, after all joining in the hearty rendering of “Auld Lang Syne”, and with earnest appreciation of the Rector’s kindness, the company dispersed.

Elsworth 31st January National Agricultural Union.

A meeting of the Elsworth Branch took place in the school-room on Wednesday. There was a good attendance, and the chair was taken by Mr. R. P. Parsons, who gave an address on “Three causes of the present Agricultural Distress”.

Elsworth 27th March The Schools.

There is a good deal of sickness among the children of the village, principally whooping cough; and it has been found necessary to close the schools for two weeks.

Death of an old inhabitant.

It is with unfeigned regret that we record the death of a well-known inhabitant of Elsworth, Mr. James Witherow. During the latter part of last year symptoms of an internal disease made themselves apparent, and became so serious that on l0th January last he became an in-patient of Addenbrooke’s Hospital; his case being so bad as to necessitate medical attention several times in one day. After a time he seemed to improve, and up to about a fortnight ago appeared to be progressing favourably; but about a week since he suddenly became worse, and rapidly sank, dying at the Hospital on Tuesday evening last. The funeral is to take place at Elsworth to-morrow (Saturday).

Elsworth 12th June The Feast.

The week following Trinity Sunday was the occasion of the time-honoured feast, and the villagers were favoured with splendid weather for their out-of- doors festivities, which included a concert and two cricket matches. The concert was held in the school room on Monday evening, 1st inst., and with the help of kind friends, proved a success. There was a full attendance and a good programme was given, in which the Misses Papworth (2), Hurst, Kefford, Mrs Billing, Messrs Billing, F. Hurst, E. Tyrell, W. L. Ingle, L. Hurst, A Papworth and E Kiddle, the Infants’ and Girls’ Evening Class took part. On Tuesday, the 2nd inst., a cricket match was played with a team from Swavesey, in which Elsworth was victorious, the runs being as follows: Elsworth, 1st innings 80, 2nd innings 55. Savesey, 1st innings 64, 2nd 42. On Wednesday the 3rd inst, another cricket match was played, Elsworth v. Bourn, the home team being again victorious.: Elsworth 91 and 71; Bourn 48 and 18. In each case the second innings was not played out, the match being decided upon the result of the first.

Elsworth 18th September The Weather.

The late rains have been very injurious in this district. Many acres of barley have been uncut until very lately, much of which has been, unfortunately, spoilt.

The Schools.

A communication has recently been received from the Education Department, intimating that the usual examination, due in February next, is to be dispensed with. The Master, Mr. W. R. Billing has just received from the City and Guilds of London Institute a certificate of his having passed their final examination in woodwork (including drawing and the principles and practice of wood working) in the first class. The qualifying examinations (three) were held in Cambridge in June last

Elsworth 9th October A Generous Benefactress.

The late Mrs Chas. Banks, of Bedford, formerly a resident of Elsworth, and a Nonconformist, has left by will the sum of £300 in trust to the Rector and churchwardens of Elsworth and the deacons of the Particular Baptist Chapel, to invest in Government Securities. The annual dividends are to be distributed by them to the deserving poor of Elsworth on the 21st of December in each year.

Harvest Thanksgiving services were held in this church, on Thursday and Sunday evenings, the 1st and 4th inst. The church was very tastefully decorated by willing hands, and plentiful offerings of fruit, flowers and vegetables were contributed by the villagers. The congregation on both occasions were fairly large ones. On Thursday the sermon was preached by the Rev. Miles Stapleton, Rector of Lolworth; and on Sunday by the Rector of the parish, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson. The services were very bright and cheerful, the choir acquitting themselves well. The organist gave a short recital at the conclusion of the Thursday service. The collection, which was for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, realised £4 12s. 0d.

Elsworth 27th November Penny Readings.

The series of penny readings for this winter was commenced on Wednesday, 18th inst, in the schoolroom. The room was crowded to excess, and the various items on the programme were well received. The audience, at the close, enthusiastically expressed their approval of the pleasure afforded them. The programme was as follows:

Pianoforte Solo Miss Papworth
Song “Look the World in the Face” Four School Girls
Recitation “Baby’s Stockings” Infants
Song “Two Little Girls in Blue” Miss Papworth
Reading “Misadventures at Margate” Mr. W. R. Billing
* Song (in character) “A Bird in Hand” Mrs and the Misses Billing
Recitation “In the Childrens’ Hospital” Miss Alice Billing
Violin Solo Mr. W. R. Billing
Reading “A Rara Avis” Mr. W. R. Billing
* Song “The Song that reached My Heart” Miss Troughton
Song “The Village Blacksmith” Mr. W. R. Billing
* Recitation “The Ship on Fire” Miss Daisy Clark
* Song “It made no difference” Mr. Witherow
* Song “Maggie’s Secret” Miss Papworth
Recitation “When we Women are” School Girls
* Humorous Duet Love and Pride” Mr. and Mrs Billing

* Denotes encores.

Elsworth 18th December The Teacher’s Residence.

The Rev. H. K. Hutchinson acknowledges the receipt of the following sums of money towards the addition of two rooms to the teacher’s residence at Elsworth:

the Cambridge Board of Education, £15; National Society, £10; Colonel Hutchinson, £5; Mr. John Martin, £5; proceeds of concert, £4; Mr. Raymond Greene M.P., £2 2s; Mr. R. Osborne, £1 1s; Mr. H. N. English, £1; Mr. John Lookir, £1; Mr. C. Lindsell, £1; Messrs Jenkins & Jones, £1; Messrs Phillips, £1; Mr. Wm Brooks, £1; Mr. How, l0s; amounting to £53 14s, leaving a debt on the building of £21 6s still to be collected. It is proposed to hold a jumble sale to clear the remaining debt.

Penny Readings.

The second of this series of entertainments was given in the schoolroom on Wednesday, 9th inst., before a crowded audience, who were very enthusiastic in their reception of the various items. Encores were numerous. Those accorded to Mr. Arthur Papworth being most vociferous. His services were a great acquisition, and his songs fairly merited the applause they received. The accompanists were Miss Papworth and Mr. W. R. Billing. Appended is the programme, the asterisks signifying encores.

Part I

Waltz “Rosy Summer” Violin class
*Recitation “The Two Kittens” Infants
* Vocal Duet “Very Suspicious” Mr. & Mrs Billing
Song “Wishes and Fishes” Miss J. Papworth
Song “Time is Money” Mr. Arthur Papworth
Reading “Under the Surface” Mr. W. R. Billing
Song “Riding in the Train” Miss J. Papworth
Vocal Duet “Angel Whispers” Mrs & Miss Billing

Part II

Violin Solo “Romanze” Mr. W. R. Billing
* Song “Won’t you buy my pretty flowers” Mrs F. Hodson
* Song “They’re coming on again” Mr. E. Witherow
Reading A Strike and what came of it Mr. W. R. Billing
Song “The old Lock” Miss Troughton
* Song “The Gay Tom-Tit” Miss Papworth
Song “Eternal Day” Mr. W. R. Billing
* Song “Faces” Mr. Arthur Papworth
“Sliding” School Girls

God Save the Queen


Elsworth 8th January Entertainment.

A concert was given in the Schoolroom on Thursday 31st ult. The audience was large and appreciative, and most of the items were heartily applauded. The visitors who kindly rendered efficient help were Mr. and Mrs Hurst, from Hilton, and the Misses Hicks, from Fenstanton; the recitations given by the latter being especially good, as was the duet sung by Mrs Billing and Miss Hicks, which fairly brought down the house. The following is the programme, encores being marked by asterisks:

Pianoforte solo “Variations in G” Beethoven Miss Parsons
Recitation “Tiny Tim” Infants
Vocal duet “The Gypsy Countess” Mr. and Miss Papworth
Song School Girls
Song “I don’t want to play in your yard” Mrs Billing
Song “Ever of Thee” Mrs F. Hodson
* Song “On the benches in the park” Mr. Arthur Papworth
Song “The Lost Chord” Miss Troughton
* Song “It’s a great big shame” Mr. E. Witherow
Song “Ildegonda” Miss Hurst
Recitation “Over the hill to the poor house” Miss N. Hicks
Pianoforte solo “Tarantelle” Miss Hicks
* Song “Mad” Mr. Arthur Papworth
* Song “Born Unlucky” Mr. E. Hurst
Song “Little Daisy with the dimple” Miss Papworth
* Vocal duet “The Naggletons” Mr. and Mrs Billing
Song “Why do summer roses fade” Mrs F. Hodson
Pianoforte duet Miss Hodson and Master Howard Billing
Vocal duet… “You shan’t come and play in our yard” Mrs Billing and Miss Hicks
* Song “Half-past kissing time” Miss Hurst
Recitation “The Road to Heaven” Miss Hicks
* Song “Tommy Atkins” Mr. Papworth
Song “The Briton” School Boys

Elsworth 5th March Indian Famine Fund.

A collection was made in the Parish Church on Sunday evening last, after a sermon by the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, in behalf of the above fund. The amount realized was £5 17s. 6d.

Elsworth 12th March Technical Education.

The weekly lectures in the schoolroom on Wednesday evenings on “Poultry- keeping” by Mr. Ernest Cobb, F.Z.S., are very interesting and instructive, and are well attended.

Conservative Club.

The Elsworth and District Conservative Club held its annual general meeting on Tuesday last. There was a very fair attendance. Mr. A. Papworth occupied the chair in the absence of Mr. J. Martin. The secretary produced a balance sheet showing a balance in hand of £5 7s. 6d. The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows: President, Mr. John Martin, C.C.; Vice Presidents, Mr. E. T. Hooley, of Papworth Hall, and Messrs. W. R. Billing, D. Picking, E. Witherow and A. Papworth; Committee, Messrs. W. Desborough, W. Prior, R. Pratt, S. Witherow, S. Braybrook, J. Bleet, J, Childerley, N. Greenwood and F. Braybrook. Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. W. R. Billing; Assistant Secretary, Mr. W. Desborough; Caretaker, Mr. S. Braybrook.

Elsworth 26th March Jumble Sale.

The jumble sale on the 18th inst. proved a great success, the proceeds amounting to £34, including donations of £1 each from Mrs Daintree, Miss Hutchinson, and Miss Bagge, and 5s. from Mr. Eaden Lilley.


The late mail-man of this and neighbouring villages, Mr. Peter Papworth, has lately been removed from this district to Romford in Essex; and a subscription was started to present him with a sum of money as a kindly memento of his services for the past 21 years. The amount received in the different villages were as follows: Boxworth £2 15s. 0d., Elsworth £2 4s. 0d., Lolworth, £2 3s. 6d., and Conington £1 8s.0d, making a total of £8 l0s. 6d. Mr E. H. Thornhill, of Boxworth, kindly made the presentation on behalf of the different villages.

Elsworth 2nd April Entertainment

A concert consisting of sacred songs was given in the School-room on Tuesday evening. The attendance was fairly good, but the entertainment did not meet with such patronage as has been afforded to the previous ones of a secular character. Appended is the programme, the asterisk signifying an encore:

Part I

Pianoforte solo Mr. Fox
Vocal duet “What are the wild waves saying” Mr. and Mrs Billing
Song “The better land” Mr. W. Furniss
Song “Resignation” Mr. Billing
Song “Peace be still” Miss J. Papworth
Song “I have no home” Mrs Billing
* Song “Side by side to the better land” Miss Hurst

Part II

Pianoforte solo Miss Gibson
Song “Father, pray with me tonight” Miss A. Hurst
Reading “One niche the highest” Mr. Billing
Song “The star of Bethlehem” Mrs Richards
Vocal duet “Charity” Miss Hurst
Song “The Lost Chord” Mr. Fox
Song “Tired” Miss Troughton
Song “Crossing the bar” Mr. Billing

Elsworth 7th May Elsworth and District Conservative Club.

This club held its annual supper on Thursday, 29th ult. There was a very fair attendance, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. In the absence of the President, the chair was taken by Mr. W. R. Billing. The supper was provided by Host Wilderspin of the “George and Dragon”, and left nothing to be desired. The after part of the evening was devoted to harmony, songs being contributed by Messrs. Crawley (Cambridge), S. Braybrook, A. Wilderspin, Joseph Brand, E. Witherow, D. Picking, John Lambert, and W. R. Billing (Elsworth), Ralph Pratt (Boxworth), and Fortescue (Eltisley). During the evening a short but excellent address was delivered by Mr. J. S. French and was evidently appreciated. The company dispersed at eleven o’clock, bringing the proceedings to a close with a hearty rendering of the National Anthem.

Elsworth 25th June The Jubilee Festivities.

It was not until Monday, the 14th inst., that Elsworth decided to make preparations to celebrate the Great Jubilee of the Queen. On the following day collectors were busy raising funds, with most satisfactory results; and it was finally arranged to give the whole village a meat tea, with sports, &c., to follow. At the eleventh hour a proposal was made that the neighbouring village of Knapwell should combine with Elsworth in their celebration, and arrangements were modified accordingly.

On Tuesday morning all the children of the village assembled at the school for the distribution of Jubilee medals and mugs. At a quarter before three they re-assembled, paraded the village singing the National Anthem at various points, and proceeded to the grass close where tea was prepared for them, followed by a meat tea for all the adults of the two villages. After tea there was a distribution of oranges and nuts amongst the youngsters, and then a long and very successful programme of sports was gone through, followed by much-needed refreshment After another hearty rendering of the National Anthem by the whole assembly, they repaired to the bonfire, the burning of which brought a most successful day to a close. The commemoration services in the parish church, on Sunday last, were fully choral, the Rector preaching the sermons; and at the conclusion the organist played the new Diamond Jubilee March by Miss Ellen M. Chancellor.

Elsworth 10th September Death of the Rev. Samuel Lodge.

The Rev. Samuel Lodge, canon of Lincoln, and for thirty years rector of Scrivelsby-cum-Dalderby has just died at his rectory, in his seventieth year. He was the last surviving son of the Rev. Oliver Lodge, was born in 1828, and was educated at Lincoln College, Oxford, graduating B.A. in 1850, and proceeding M.A. in 1854. He was ordained in 1852, was Classical master of Louth Grammar School from 1851 to 1854, and subsequently curate of High Toynton, Lincolnshire, and Head Master of Horncastle Grammar School. He was presented in 1867 to the Rectory of Scrivelsby-cum-Dalderby, near Horncastle, was Rural Dean of Horncastle from 1868, and Prebendary of Stoke in Lincoln Cathedral from 1879 to 1896. Canon Lodge, who was in the Commission of the Peace for the County, married Mary, daughter of Mr. T. C. Bretlingham, of Brockdish-place, Norfolk. The living of Scrivelsby is in the patronage of the Dymokes, and a few years since, the deceased published an interesting account of “Scrivelsby, the Home of the Champions

Elsworth 1st October Harvest Thanksgiving.

The usual harvest thanksgiving services were held in this church on Thursday evening, 23rd ult., and Sunday. The church was very tastefully decorated by willing and deft hands, and certainly never looked better; flowers and fruit, with coloured foliage and grasses, being very effectively used, though the display of vegetables fell short of that of former years. The sermon on Thursday was preached by the Rev. A. Kirke-Smith (Boxworth), and on Sunday by the Rector, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson. The collection, amounting to £6 7s. 0d., was devoted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Elsworth 15th October Fire.

About a quarter before four o’clock on Tuesday morning last, an alarm of fire was raised in this village. An old thatched building, standing in Church Causeway, occupied by Miss Ann Knibbs, was found to be on fire, the flames having a firm hold. There was, fortunately, not much wind, though it was at one time feared that a cottage close at hand, occupied by Mr. F. Braybrook, would suffer, and that the flames would spread to the farm buildings of Mr. Jas. Witherow, also close by. This, however, was averted. The fife seems to have originated in a barn at the end of the house and is at present a mystery. The house, which was completely destroyed, was insured, as was also the furniture it contained.

Elsworth 26th November Scholastic Success.

Miss C. E. Smith, of the Elsworth National School, was successful in the recent examination for Elementary School Teachers’ Certificates, the result of which has lately been made known. She has obtained a place in the second class. Miss Smith has achieved her success by private study.

Technical Education.

The winter session’s work has commenced in this village, evening classes having been at work for some weeks. The subjects are: For girls, dressmaking and needlework; for lads, drawing, science of common things, commercial arithmetic, and bee-keeping. The teachers are Mrs and Mr. Billing. In addition, a woodwork class has also just started, under the supervision of Mr. Billing, who holds a teacher’s certificate in woodwork (first class) from the City and Guilds of London Institute.


Elsworth 7th January Choir Supper.

Through the kind hospitality of the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, the members of the choir, Sunday School teacher, and Church officials, were entertained at supper in the Schoolroom, on the last day of the old year. An excellent supper was provided by Mrs A. Wilderspin, of the George and Dragon Inn, and a very enjoyable evening was spent by all, the company breaking up after singing “The old year out and the new year in”.

Postal alterations.

This village is now in the Cambridge postal district instead of that of St. Ives, and has, since the commencement of this year, enjoyed the facility of a second post, which arrives about one o’clock. The mail now leaves in the evening at 7.30 instead of 6.30.

Elsworth 14th January Painfully Sudden Death.

On the morning of Wednesday, Mr. Thomas Dawson senior, while going round the village as usual with milk, suddenly dropped dead. It appears that he had a fall some weeks ago, and has been slightly ailing for some little time, but was not seriously ill.

Knapwell 11th March A broken limb. Farm accident

Thomas Seeley, aged 13, of Knapwell, a labourer employed by Mr. Goodley, farmer, was brought to Addenbrooke’s Hospital on Thursday with his left leg fractured, It appeared that he was leading some horses in a field when the traces got entangled in a passing cart, pulling it round and causing the accident.

Elsworth 18th March Conservative Club.

The annual general meeting of this club was held on Wednesday, 9th inst. There was a good attendance, and in the absence of Mr. John Martin, the chair was taken by Mr. E. Witherow. Mr. Billing, the hon. secretary and treasurer, produced a satisfactory balance-sheet, showing that, though during the past years the expenditure has been somewhat excessive, chiefly owing to the thorough renovation of the Club-room, the new year begins with a satisfactory balance in hand of £3 1s 4d. The business of election of officers and committee disclosed a feeling of satisfaction with the present regime, re-elections being the order of the day; in fact, with the addition to the committee of Mr. Huckie (Boxworth), the officers and committee remain the same as before. It was decided to hold the usual Club supper at about the end of April.

Elsworth 25th March The Jubilee.

A public meeting was held on Wednesday, 16th inst., to settle the Jubilee accounts, which circumstances prevented being done hitherto. The last outstanding account was settled in this room, when Mr. Billing produced the receipts for payments and the balance sheet. The total of money subscribed was £31 19s 6d., and after all expenses were paid, the balance in hand amounted to 7s 81d. This was augmented to l0s, and forwarded to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Elsworth 5th April Technical Education.

At the exhibition of work done by the classes conducted by the Technical Education committees under the Cambs. County Council, held at the Guildhall, Cambridge, at the end of last week, Elsworth was well represented and secured a fair share of prizes. From the Dressmaking and Needlework class, which has had eight pupils in attendance, seventeen exhibits were sent. All the exhibits obtained the award “Satisfied the Jurors” and, in addition, the following prizes:

Nellie Billing, 1st prize (nightdress); Ada Cooper, 2nd prize (pair of stockings); and 3rd prize (flannelette nightdress) and Ethel Kirkby, 3rd prize (dress blouse). In the Woodwork Class, which has only been lately started, three lads obtained the award “Satisfied the Jurors”, viz., Mark Braybrook, Walter Childerley, and Martin Murden. In addition to the foregoing, Mrs Parsons obtained a 1st prize for bees wax, and eggs; and Nellie Billing a 3rd prize for honey.

Elsworth 22nd April Service of Song.

A service of song was held in the Schoolroom, on the evening of Thursday, the 14th inst. The room was comfortably filled with an attentive and appreciative audience. The musical portion of this service was rendered by the Church Choir, supplemented by Mr. Billing’s violin class, the members of which acquitted themselves most creditably. Mrs and Mr. Billing acted as accompanists, Mr. Billing opening the proceedings with a violin solo “Delphine”. Mr. C. Haines kindly obliged by reading the narrative. The money taken amounted to £1 15s. 6d., the balance of which, after the deduction of expenses, goes towards defraying the cost of tools for the lately established wood-work class.

Elsworth 20th May Conservative Club.

The annual supper in connection with the Elsworth and District Conservative Club, took place in the National School, Elsworth, on Friday evening. There was a gathering numbering close upon one hundred. Mr. J. Martin, the president of the Club, was in the chair, being supported by Mr. W. Raymond Greene, M.P. and Mr. E. Terah Hooley, J.P. There were also at the head of the table, Mr. H. J. Burt and W. R. Eggatt (Fenstanton) Mr. W. R. Billing, and Mr. J. S. French (Conservative Agent). Among the company were Messrs. C. Witheson, A. Papworth, J. Roberts, A. Wilderspin, N. Green, C. Simpson (Caxton) and H. Symonds (Caxton). The toast of the evening, the health of the Member for the Division, was proposed by Mr. Hooley and suitably acknowledged by Mr. Greene. The whole proceedings were most enthusiastic and successful.

Elsworth 3rd June Presentation.

An interesting function took place at the school on Wednesday, 25th ult. Besides the children, there were others present to witness the presentation to Miss C. E. Smith, the infants’ mistress, who is leaving the school and village for another post. The present consisted of a gold albert-chain and a Gladstone Bag, which has been subscribed for by the children, their parents and other friends, who wished thus to testify for her future welfare. After a brief statement by Mr. Billing, the presentation was made by Miss E. Hutchinson in a few well chosen words; in response to which Miss Smith expressed her sincere thanks to all the subscribers for their kindness.

Elsworth 12th August Outing.

The young people who attended the Evening Classes at this village during the last winter were, on Thursday, 4th inst., by the kindness of their teachers, Mr. & Mrs Billing, taken on a trip to Yarmouth. Many of them had never seen the sea, and some of them had not even been in a train, so the excursion was a great treat. Mr. R. P. Parsons and Mr. A. J. Hodson generously helped by placing a horse and light waggon at their disposal, and at St. Ives, many of the parents and others joined the party, which altogether numbered sixty-six. Yarmouth was reached in good time and splendid weather rendered the trip a great success, Elsworth being again reached about twelve o’clock.

Knapwell 7th October Harvest Thanksgiving.

The harvest thanksgiving service was held at this Church on Friday, the preacher being the Rev. Henry J. Fry, Rector of Hardwick. The Church was most beautifully decorated with corn, fruit, flowers and vegetables by the Misses Goodley, Miss Dawson, Miss Woolfenden, Miss Hill, Miss Chapman, and several other friends. We never remember seeing this church look so beautiful. The services were continued on Sunday, and the collections, which were for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, amounted to £2 2s 6d. The fruit and vegetables have been sent to the Hospital for the use of patients.

Elsworth 14th October Harvest Thanksgiving.

The Harvest Thanksgiving Services were held in the Parish Church, on Wednesday the 5th inst. and Sunday last. The Church was very tastefully decorated by willing hands, and the offerings of fruit and vegetables were plentiful. The sermon on Wednesday was preached by the Rev. A. C. Vidler, Rector of Swavesey, and on Sunday by the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, Rector of the Parish. The offertories, amounting to £7 1s. 6d., were devoted to the funds of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, to which institution the fruit and vegetables were also despatched.

Elsworth 23rd December Jumble Sale.

A very successful jumble sale was held in the school-room on Wednesday 14th inst There was a very good attendance. The proceeds, which are to be devoted to Church purposes, amounted to £24.


Elsworth 6th January Choir Supper.

Through the kindness of the Rector, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, the members of the choir, the Sunday School Teachers, churchwardens, and other church officials, twenty-nine in all, were entertained at supper in the School-room on Thursday, 29th ult. The supper was provided in excellent style by Mrs Brown of the Fox and Hounds Inn, and was much enjoyed by all. The evening was spent in various games and singing of songs, one item being a lantern exhibition of slides (public buildings and Indian Scenes) presented to the school by Capt. R. Hutchinson, and an amusing series provided by the kindness of Col. L. K. de M. Hutchinson.

Elsworth 27th January Entertainment.

The children of the Band of Hope gave an entertainment in the schoolroom on Friday evening last, consisting of hymns, songs and recitations. The room was crowded, and the little ones acquitted themselves remarkably well, providing a very pleasant evening’s entertainment.

Elsworth 3rd March Entertainment.

A very interesting entertainment was given (chiefly by the school-children) in the School-room on Thursday evening 23rd ult. The room was well filled with an appreciative audience, who received item after item with applause; the song “Soldiers of the Queen”, with appropriate marching and actions, obtaining a vociferous encore. The musical sketch “The Washing Day” was very well done, the little ones entering into it with great spirit. The various characters were well sustained, and the songs excellently rendered. Mr. Billing acted as accompanist, but the work of preparation of the recitations and the musical sketch devolved upon Mrs Billing, with Miss Brown and Miss Parnell, who afforded efficient assistance, and to all of whom is due great praise for the gratifying result. Between the parts there was a lantern exhibition, the last of a series which has been given by Mr. Billing during the winter. The following was the programme:

Part I

Pianoforte Solo “Impudence Schottishe” Howard Billing
Opening Speech Charlie Long
Song “Sliding” Eight Girls
Recitation “Which” Maggie Brown
Recitation “Making Calls” Beatrice Parnell
Pianoforte Solo “Trilby Waltz” Olive Hodson
Musical Drill Seven Children
Song “Look the World in the Face” Eight Children
Musical Sketch “The Washing Day” Fifteen Children

Part II

Pianoforte Solo “The Robin’s Return” Howard Billing
Song “The Windmill” Eight Children
Musical Drill Seven Children
Song “Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers” Winnie Billing
Song “Soldiers of the Queen” Twelve Boys
Recitation “Topsy” Margery Clarke
Recitation “The Artist” Mabel Parnell
Pianoforte Duet “March Around the Maypole” Winnie and Howard Billing
Song “The Kettle” Eight Children

Elsworth 17th March Confirmation.

The Bishop of Ely held a confirmation service in the Parish Church on Wednesday, the 8th inst. There was a large congregation. Fifty-four candidates presented themselves from the following parishes: Elsworth, 21; Boxworth, 15; Conington, 9; Yelling, 8; and Knapwell, 1. The Bishop was attended by his chaplain, the Rev. G. R. Bullock-Webster, and there were also present the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson, Rector of Elsworth; Rev. A. Kirke-Smith, Boxworth; Rev. R. W. Close, Conington; Rev. H. J. Fry, late of Hardwicke and the Rev. – Hughes, Yelling. Later in the day the Elsworth candidates were entertained at tea in the School-room by Miss E Hutchinson and Miss Knox.

Conservative Club.

The annual general meeting was held in the Club Room, on Friday. Mr. John Martin occupied the chair. It was decided to affiliate with the Association of Conservative Clubs, Westminster, and a set of new rules was proposed and unanimously accepted with the object of promoting the more perfect management of the Club. The election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mr. John Martin; Vice-presidents, Mr. E. T. Hooley, Mr. D. Picking, Mr. E. Witherow, and Mr. Alfred Papworth; treasurer and secretary, Mr. W. R. Billing; assistant secretary, Mr. W. Desborough; committee, Messrs. J. Bleet, F. Braybrook, S. Braybrook, T. Braybrook, J. Childerley, N. Green, W. H. Huckie, W. Prior, A. Wilderspin and S. Witherow. Mr. S. Braybrook was once more prevailed upon to undertake the office of steward. The idea of holding the usual club supper was favourably entertained, and the matter was left with the committee to decide upon and arrange. Hearty votes of thanks to the Chairman for presiding, and to the Secretary for his past services, terminated the meeting.

Elsworth 5th May Conservative Club.

The annual supper was held in the Club Room on Thursday, 27th ult. Mr. Raymond Greene, M.P. for the division attended, and there was also present Mr. J. S. French and Mr. Spencer, from Cambridge, with many staunch supporters of the Conservative cause, Mr. W. R. Billing occupying the chair. The supper was provided in most creditable style by Mr. A. Wilderspin of the “George and Dragon” Inn. The Chairman apologised for the absence of two or three friends who had been expected, but had sent telegrams at the last moment, explaining their inability to come. The customary toasts were given, and Mr. Raymond Greene, who, as usual, was enthusiastically received, gave a brief, but most interesting speech. Mr. French, who is always a most welcome visitor at Elsworth, touched upon the topics of the day, concluding his speech with some very laudatory remarks upon the Club’s secretary (Mr. W. R. Billing) and thanking him for his valuable service. Mr. Billing, in a few brief remarks, acknowledged the courtesy, but disclaimed any special need of thanks, as in all he had done he had always received the hearty co-operation of the Committee. Songs were contributed by Messrs. Spencer, Cobb, D. Witherow, E. Newman, and A. Wilderspin. Special mention must be made of Mr. Spencer’s imitation of various singers and musical instruments, which were exceedingly good.

Elsworth 12th May Evening Continuation School.

These schools, which have been well attended during the past winter, closed on March 30th, after having been visited by Mr. A. Bartlett, Her Majesty’s Inspector, on March 16th. He expressed himself as pleased with the work which has been done, a special feature of which has been the illustration of the lessons on commercial geography by the aid of a splendid optical lantern, lighted sometimes by limelight, and at others by acetylene gas. For the use of the lantern the Evening School is indebted to the courtesy of the managers of the Day School, to whom it belongs, the light being powerful enough to enable the lantern to be used in illustrating the Object and Geography lessons in the Day School, which is most beneficial in rendering them more interesting and instructive, and has met with the warm approval of Her Majesty’s Inspector. The report on the work of the Evening Continuation School has just been received and runs thus: Boy’s School – “Excellent order has been maintained in this School, and good progress made.” Girl’s School – “The School has been well attended and taught. Needlework deserves special praise.”

Diocesan Examinations.

The Day School was examined in Religious Knowledge by the Rev. G. H. Frewer, Vicar of Fenstanton, on Thursday, 4th inst. His report has been received and is as follows: Written Work -”The written work was excellently done throughout the School”. Viva Voce -”The Senior Division passed an excellent examination in all subjects, especially the Old Testament. They gave some good answers in Catechism, as far as they had gone with it, and their repetition was clear and intelligent. The Second Division also gave good proof of proficiency in their Bible subjects, and the passages prepared for repetition were well and intelligently given. The Catechism was for the most part well-known. The singing of the hymns was bright and reverent. The Infant Division gave good and sensible answers to the questions on Bible subjects, and showed that they had been well taught in the elementary parts of the Catechism. They sang their hymns quietly and reverently, and repeated the various passages and texts that they had been taught intelligently and correctly. The School is reported very good.”

Elsworth 17th July Damage by Lightning.

During one of the thunderstorms which passed over this village and neighbourhood on Saturday last, the lightning struck Mr. Samuel Witherow’s mill. After shattering one of the sails it entered the mill, and passed away into the ground through the flooring, making a hole in its passage. Three young farm hands, named Murden, Childerley and Woolf, were taking shelter at the time, and have reason to be thankful for their escape.

Elsworth 21st July Sunday School Treat.

On Wednesday, 12th inst., the children attending the Church Sunday School, numbering 116, were given their annual treat in the Rectory grounds. The weather, though threatening, continued fine, and the children enjoyed themselves at the usual games. Besides the children, their mothers and many other guests were present, the numbers partaking of tea being close on 200. Altogether a most pleasant evening was spent. At dispersing, hearty thanks were vociferously accorded to the Rector (the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson) and the Rectory Ladies for their generous hospitality.

The children of the Chapel Sunday School had their treat on the same day, through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs R. P. Parsons, who entertained both the little ones and their parents.

Elsworth 18th August Evening Continuation School Excursion.

On Thursday, 3rd inst., the pupils who attended last winter’s Evening Continuation School went to Yarmouth for their annual excursion. The occasion was taken advantage of by other friends wishing to join the party, so that altogether 66 persons availed themselves of the chance to spend a day at the seaside. Many thanks are due to Messrs. J. Martin, S. Papworth, and A. J. Hodson for their kindness in supplying horses and vehicles to enable the excursionists to get to and from the railway station. The weather proved propitious, a most enjoyable day was spent. Tea was arranged for at the Aquarium to which 61 sat down, and on the return home vociferous votes of thanks were accorded to the above gentlemen for their kindness, and to Mr. Billing for having organized the trip and afforded such a pleasant outing. The prizes received by the needlework class from the County Council at the exhibition of work (ten prizes out of thirty exhibits) were some short time since distributed by Miss E. Hutchinson, who supplemented them by giving four extra prizes as an incentive to progress to some who had not been so fortunate at the exhibition, though deserving of praise. It is proposed to resume these classes early in October for the ensuing winter’s season.

Elsworth 6th October Technical Education.

The Local Technical Education Committee met in the School-room, on Tuesday evening last to sanction the classes, which it is proposed to hold during the winter months. The subjects decided upon are: Drawing, commercial arithmetic, commercial geography and bee-keeping for the boys; teacher, Mr. W. R. Billing, and for the girls, domestic economy, needlework, and dressmaking; teacher, Mrs Billing. Mr. Billing will also conduct a woodwork class.

Elsworth 6th October Harvest Festival.

Harvest Thanksgiving Services were held in the Parish Church, on Thursday, 28th ult., and Sunday. The Church was tastefully decorated, and looked very pretty. The sermon, on Thursday, was preached by the Rev. F. A. Souper, M.A., Rector of Hilton, and on Sunday by the Rector of the parish, the Rev. H. K. Hutchinson. The attendance on Sunday evening was very meagre, owing to the severe storm which was just then raging, and the offertory consequently suffered. The collections amounted to £5 11s. 7d., which sum has been forwarded to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, together with the fruit and vegetables.

Elsworth 15th December War Fund.

At a meeting held to consider what should be done in Elsworth with regard to this fund, it was decided that a house-to-house collection should be made throughout the village. This has been done during the past week, and met with a hearty response, the sum of £26 having been collected, which has been forwarded to the fund for the relief of the families of reservists at the front.

Knapwell 22nd December Sudden Death.

The County Coroner (Mr. A. J. Lyon) investigated the circumstances of the sudden death of Eliza Mackness, the widow of a farm labourer last Friday. A neighbour saw deceased sweeping snow away on Wednesday morning, and upon calling later found her lying insensible on the floor. Mr. White, surgeon, said that when he was summoned deceased was in a dying condition. He considered death was due to apoplexy. The jury returned a verdict accordingly.


Elsworth March 2nd Trap Accident.

An accident happened to William Smith, the driver of the mail cart from Cambridge, on Monday morning. As he was turning an awkward corner at the entrance to the village, the wheel ran up the bank, pitching him from the cart, breaking his arm and otherwise shaking him severely. Smith has only been driving on this journey for about a fortnight. He was driven on to Papworth Everard by a young man named Robert Desborough, who was on his way thither to work.

Elsworth March 23rd Conservative Club.

The Elsworth and District Conservative Club held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, 14th inst. There was a very fair attendance, and the chair was taken by the President, Mr. John Martin, C.C. The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer produced the statement of accounts and the balance sheet for the year. Though there had been two or three extraordinary payments, this showed the satisfactory balance in hand of £6 19s. l0d. The Club altogether is in a very flourishing condition, and a noteworthy feature in its working is the total absence of friction and the unanimity among its members. The election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mr. John Martin, C.C.; Vice-presidents, Mr. E. T. Hooley, Mr. D. Picking, Mr. E. Witherow, and Mr. A. Papworth; honorary secretary and treasurer, Mr. W. R. Billing; assistant secretary, Mr. W. Desborough; committee, Messrs. J. Bleet, F. Braybrook, S. Braybrook, T. Braybrook, Jas. Stevenson, W. H. Huckie, P. Pink, A. Wilderspin, P. Harden, and John Hinson, jun; steward, Mr S. Braybrook. Votes of thanks to the chairman for presiding, and to the secretary for his services, concluded the evening’s business.

Elsworth July 20th Sunday School Treats.

The children of the Church Sunday school, to the number of 117, met at the schoolroom with their teachers on Wednesday, 11th inst., and walked in procession through the village, carrying flags and flowers, to the Rectory grounds. They, with their mothers, and many other invited guests were entertained at the Rectory and a most enjoyable evening was spent in games, racing, swinging, music, and dancing. The weather was all that could be desired, and the affair was a great success. The children of the Chapel Sunday School were likewise entertained by Mr. and Mrs R. P. Parsons, at their residence, on the same date.

Elsworth September 14th Accident.

Whilst carrying a pail of water into her house on Monday, Susannah Wayman, aged 61, of Elsworth, fell over the door-mat and fractured her right thigh. She was removed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Elsworth December 7th Lantern Lecture.

The first of a series of lantern lectures was given in the Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, by Mr. W. R. Billing. The subject was “The Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk”, the slides illustrating the lecture being kindly lent by the General Manager of the Great Eastern Railway Company. The light used was the Ethoxo limelight, which proved eminently satisfactory; and the photographs being excellent, the result was a pleasant and instructive evening’s entertainment. The room was filled with an attentive and appreciative audience. Nothing can well exceed the result obtained, the light used is produced by the use of oxygen and Lawson’s saturator. The lantern belongs to the School, and the brilliancy of the light is such that the lantern is used with perfect satisfaction in the Day School on afternoons during the winter for the illustration of object lessons, in which connection it is most useful.