The Samuel Franklin Fund

Overview of the Samuel Franklin Fund,
Elsworth: Charity Number 228775

The Samuel Franklin Fund is the combination of nine charitable trusts which distributes funds in accordance with the wishes of the benefactors. In 1993 they were amalgamated into a single trust, named The Samuel Franklin Fund.

The Samuel Franklin Fund Elsworth exists to make grants to the residents of the parish of Elsworth who are less well off, or are in need of help because of illness infirmity, hospitalisation or other special needs, or are starting a job and require help to buy tools or educational literature. In addition, donations may be made to individuals or institutions which provide help or services for the sick or elderly of the parish.

Recent examples apart from individual grants at Trinity and Christmas, have included donations to Elsworth Youth Club, Papworth Day Centre, the Jubilee Club, grants to pupils at Elsworth School to enable them to participate in adventure courses when parents have been unable to meet the costs, grants to households for special (one off) needs, a grant for special equipment for a disabled person, and contributions to funeral expenses in deserving cases.

The trustees, all of whom provide their services on a voluntary basis, are…

Mrs A Howell,
Dr S Taylor,
Mr J Hicks,
Mr I Maddison,
Mr D Pope
Vacant: Team Rector, (Ex Officio)

Further information can be found on the Charity Commission website, including information about the accounts and financial history. http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/find-charities/

If parishioners feel that their circumstances merit assistance from the Fund, on a confidential basis, or if you know of any parishioner who is in need of assistance, please contact one of the trustees or the clerk to the trustees, Serena Wyer, 01954 267156 or serena.wyersff@gmail.com

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