Application for works to trees in a conservation area. 4 Broad End ref 20/1218/TTCA

Works to Trees in a Conservation Area.
Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: 4 x hybrid poplars at positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, non- native species all to be dismantled to 6ft. Trees 1 and 2 are of significant existing size in close proximity to listed building (tree 1 overhangs the building) and will continue to get much larger. Trees 3 and 4 provide excessive shading and water shadowing in the rear corner of the garden which is discouraging growth of new plants in the underlying beds and is discouraging the growth of both planted and self seeded trees. Trees not to be replaced as there are numerous smaller nearby trees both on the property as indicated on the plan and for trees 3 and 4 beside the trees in the nature reserve (self seeded). Removal of the hybrid poplars will allow the remaining existing trees to grow into the space taken by the poplars without the considerable light shading they currently provide.
Site address: 4 Broad End Elsworth CB23 4JD
Reference: 20/1218/TTCA