Application for works to trees in a conservation area – 6 Brook Street

Notification on application for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
Reference: 20/2207/TTCA
Proposal: Box maple tree, request to be removed. to the crown. It is impacting on the
surrounding sheds, wall and boundary to my neighbour behind me. It is preventing
daylight permeating through to a very old quince tree which is now under threat. I
have sought the advice of an arborist. I would replant with a suitably sized fruit tree if
Site address: 6 Brook Street Elsworth CB23 4HX
Applicant: Ms Wendy Williams.
The above planning application has been received, SCDC are required to determine the
application/notification without delay. Please be assured that the Trees Officer looks at every
application. Site visits and further investigation will be undertaken as necessary.