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Notification on application for Works to Trees Protected by a Tree Preservation Order 55 Boxworth Road

Notification on application for Works to Trees Protected by a Tree Preservation Order
Reference: 21/0254/TTPO
Proposal: TPO 0007 (2000) T2: T1 OAK remove decayed North Eastern stem; reduce height
of remaining stem by 3ms and reduce laterals South to South West by 2.5ms to
rebalance and mitigate exposure from removal of North Eastern stem (due to
decline of North Eastern stem and presence of ganoderma fungal brackets at base
of stem).
Site address: 55 Boxworth Road Elsworth CB23 4JQ
Applicant: MR GARR.

Application for Approval of Details reserved by Condition 38 Boxworth Road

Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Condition.

Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Submission of details required by conditions 3 (Relocate oil tank) and 4 (Details of Materials) of planning permission 20/03708/HFUL
Site address: 38 Boxworth Road Elsworth Cambridge
Reference: 20/03708/CONDA

Public Access link:

Planning Application received 20/03708/HFUL and 20/0307/LBC 38 Boxworth Road

Reference: 20/03708/HFUL
Proposal: Proposed erection of new detached garage and two storey rear extension to existing
Site address: 38 Boxworth Road Elsworth CB23 4JQ
Applicant: Mr A Lane.
Reason(s) for notification and other notes
All or part of the proposed development site is within the parish boundary
Category: Householder developments
UPRN 100090132560
Grid Ref: E531912 N263721
Relevant Applications:
The following application(s) have been identified as being related to this application. Please refer to
the decision notices for each of these to check the details and for relevant conditions.
20/03709/LBC Proposed erection of new detached garage
and two storey rear extension to existing
Use the Council’s Online Register ( to view the application

Applications for tree works in a conservation area 22 Boxworth Road and Holy Trinity Church

South Cambridgeshire District Council
Notification on application for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
Reference: 20/1544/TTCA
Proposal: 2 -cherry – trim all round by 1m to shape
3- Ash – reduce one hanging branch back to boundary line. retain small growths
where possible
5 – Ash above seating area – cut overhanging branches back to boundary line
6 – Elm – reduce branches overhanging corner of house by 1.5 – 2m
Site address: 22 Boxworth Road Elsworth CB23 4JQ
Applicant: Mrs Turner.
The above planning application has been received.

South Cambridgeshire District Council
Notification on application for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
Reference: 20/1521/TTCA
Proposal: T1, T2 T3 Yew:
Located in SW corner of churchyard
Fell and grind out stumps as trees have damaged churchyard wall – the tree and
roots must be removed to allow the wall foundations to be rebuilt
Replanting can be undertaken if required – please advise
Site address: Holy Trinity Church Church Lane Elsworth CB23 4HU
Applicant: Nigel Dicastiglione.
The above planning application has been received.

Survey on how small business in South Cambs are managing during the Covid 19 pandemic

South Cambridgeshire District Council are working hard to support local small and medium customers facing difficulties in businesses in our district. They have created a survey so that they can gather as much information about local businesses as possible, to find out about how they are faring during Covid19 and their plans on reopening. Please paste the link into your browser to participate.

Coronavirus – Parish Council meetings cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 situation all meetings of the Parish Council have been cancelled.

Although the Parish Council is not able to meet, councillors will still look at planning applications as they come in. Any planning application received from the District Council during this period of lock down will be publicised in the normal way – on the PC noticeboard, the PC web site and by email circulation to parishioners. Notices will also be publicised at the location of the application by the District Council planning department.

Parishioners are reminded that they may make their views known to the Parish Council and the District Council. Details of the on -line link to an application on the District Council’s planning portal at which comments may be registered is included in the notification of every application. Comments which you wish to make known to the Parish Council should be emailed to the Parish Clerk

Deadlines set by the District Council for the receipt of comments need to be noted by those wishing to make representation of their views. Copies for the Parish Council need to be received at least 7 clear days before that deadline.

Elizabeth Sim
Parish Clerk and RFO
May 7th 2020

Application for works to trees in a conservation area. 4 Broad End ref 20/1218/TTCA

Works to Trees in a Conservation Area.
Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: 4 x hybrid poplars at positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, non- native species all to be dismantled to 6ft. Trees 1 and 2 are of significant existing size in close proximity to listed building (tree 1 overhangs the building) and will continue to get much larger. Trees 3 and 4 provide excessive shading and water shadowing in the rear corner of the garden which is discouraging growth of new plants in the underlying beds and is discouraging the growth of both planted and self seeded trees. Trees not to be replaced as there are numerous smaller nearby trees both on the property as indicated on the plan and for trees 3 and 4 beside the trees in the nature reserve (self seeded). Removal of the hybrid poplars will allow the remaining existing trees to grow into the space taken by the poplars without the considerable light shading they currently provide.
Site address: 4 Broad End Elsworth CB23 4JD
Reference: 20/1218/TTCA

Application for tree works on a conservation area – 35 Smith Street

The following application has been received and may be viewed on he District Council’s planning portal

Application Ref:
S/0270/20/TC TPO No. (if applicable):
5/75 – C/11/17/025/03
Sean Thompson
35, Smith Street
CB23 4HY Agent:
John Talbot,
Cambridge Trees Ltd
Cambridge Trees Ltd
34a, St Anns Lane
PE29 2JE

Consultations – Bedford to Cambridge Rail route and Cambourne to Cambridge

The Greater Cambridge Partnership public consultation for the phase 2 section of the Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport project opens in February. Please see
There is a real possibility of one of the proposed routes of the Bedford to Cambridge Rail link impacting greatly on Elsworth.
East West Rail is creating a new rail connection between Oxford and Cambridge. This will connect communities, making it faster, easier and cheaper to travel in the local area, as well as opening up job opportunities, supporting local business and helping the economy to grow. You can read more about the scheme here.
While the Western Section between Oxford and Bedford can be built by reinstating and upgrading old rail lines, for the Central Section between Bedford and Cambridge an entirely new rail line will need to be built.
About this consultation
Public consultation will run from 28 January to 11 March 2019. While it is several years from starting to build the railway, this is your opportunity to have your say on the route options at an early stage.
More information and how to have your say go to : PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CONSULTATION VENUE SCHEDULED FOR Cambourne on Saturday 2 March, 10:00pm – 2:00pm
states that it will be in the Cambridge Belfry, Back Lane, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6BW. This hotel has been renamed “Doubletrees by Hilton”
Five route options have been developed and EastWestRail would like to know:
• what your views are on their challenges and opportunities
• whether we are right to focus on route options that approach Cambridge from the south
• what you think of the overall approach we have taken to developing route options.
They will be holding eight public consultation events across the corridor between Bedford and Cambridge. Come and meet the team to find out more about route options, and to have your say.
• Email us:
• Send us a message online:
• Write to us: Freepost EAST WEST RAIL
• Call us: 0330 1340067

Urgent Tree works Meadow Drift January 2019

Application Ref:


TPO No. (if applicable):

Mrs & Miss E Davison,

Davision & Co (Barford) Ltd

Childs Farm House

Rogues Lane

Elsworth, CB23 4JB

5 day notice submitted by:

Elsworth Parish Council Clerk

Mercia Cottage

6, Brockley Road


CB23 4JS

Tree(s) Location:

Land belonging to Davison Farmers opp 8 Broad End and adjacent to 15, Broad End, Elsworth, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4JD

Proposal: 5 Days Notice to Remove one Large dead and dangerous ASH Tree in Conservation Area.

PC for information only as consent has already been granted.


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