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Application for Tree works 3 Church Lane

Application Ref:


TPO No. (if applicable):

Mr Smith

3, Church Lane


Cambridgeshire, CB23 4HU


Mr Paul Dracott

West Barns Design Ltd

1, West Barns

Shepreth Road

Barrington, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7TB

Tree(s) Location:

3, Church Lane, Elsworth, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4HU


This application is for the removal of a small Taxus baccata (yew) to the side of the house. This is part of works to use this space and open up light to this side of the house.

The tree is growing from a base of a small retaining wall to the boundary of the property and is likely to be a self set specimen as it has several small stems.


The tree has outgrown its space and will soon start to impact on the structural integrity of the wall. It planned to remove this tree and replace with a more suitable deciduous tree such as a multi stem Amelanchier landmarkii


Planning Application received Land east of Caxton Gibbet Park

Proposal: Proposed use of land as a car park to extend the existing car park.
Application Ref: S/2715/18/FL
Location: Land east of Unit 2, Caxton Gibbet Park, Ermine Street, Caxton, CB22 3PE
Applicant: Mr Andy Brand, The Abbey Group Cambridgeshire Limited


Planning applications may be viewed and commented on  the Planning portal South Cambs District Council.

Planning application received 14 Brook Street

This planning application is for information only


Proposal: Discharge of Conditions 3 (Materials), 5 (Foul Water Drainage) & 6 (Surface Water Drainage) of Planning Permission S/1229/18/FL
Location: 14, Brook Street, Elsworth, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4HX
Application Ref: S/2590/18/DC
Applicant: Victoria McNeill

Planning Application received 3 Church Lane.

The following application has been received and will be considered by the Parish Council

All applications many be viewed on the District Council’s Planning portal

Proposal: Replacement of existing garage
Application Ref: S/2634/18/FL
Location: 3, Church Lane, Elsworth, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4HU
Applicant: Mr & Mrs  Smith

Notification of Planning Application Received

Proposal: Proposed single storey front and side extension
Application Ref: S/1908/18/FL
Location: 12, Rogers Close, Elsworth, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4JJ
Applicant: Mr J Secker

Planning applications may be viewed on line at



Notification of Planning Applications received

Them following applications have been received and will be considered by the Parish Council.

  • S/1811/18/TC 20, Church Lane, Elsworth, Cambridge, CB23 4HU    Application submitted by Stevenson, neighbour at 43 Brook Street

.           Two Ash trees to have all overhanging branches reduced back to main trunk, remaining crown reduced by 3 metres in order to balance the trees.


  • S/1855/18/LB 15, Cotterells Lane, Elsworth, Cambridge, CB23 4JR Mr & Mrs  Allen

Replace 5 existing windows and 1 external door with 4 new windows and 1 set of French Doors in rear and side (west) elevations.

Planning applications may be viewed on the District Council’s web site


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