Cobbles wanted for roadside restoration

This may sound like a strange request but does anyone have any old cobbles that they could part with?

The PC is hoping to deal with the area round the village sign on Brockley Road where cars persist in running over the small garden area by the road.  Lorries and buses have already smashed down the bollards there and decimated the plants.  This corner layout is supposedly a protected space for the safety to schools route but at present it is not safe and looks an unsightly mess.  County Highways have agreed to reinstall one bollard but not the original 4 as funds are so tight.  I have been given the prices for County Highways to supply and reinstate the additional bollards (£750) so the PC is proposing to put large cobbles on the area instead of the plants.

We need large smooth cobbles that will look attractive as well as doing the job of warning vehicles that they are going off the road, whilst not damaging the vehicles themselves. Small cobbles would be no good as they would soon be broken free and cause a problem.  I have investigated supplies of these but have run up against the cost firstly and secondly the quantity that merchants are prepared to order in from suppliers.  We would need about 15 sq. M and they generally want an order of about 40 Sq. M that would be for immediate despatch to the customer, as they do not have sufficient storage space to keep these.  Suppliers don’t want to know about small orders.

So if you have any nice smooth large cobbles that you would be prepared to donate please let me know. We could always write your name on the bottom of the cobble as the donor ( or you could draw a picture) as we did many the church roof tiles many years ago.


Please contact Liz Sim Parish Clerk 01954 267664