Notification of applications for works to protected tree 1 the Drift and trees in a conservation area 26 Brook Street

Notification on application for Works to Trees Protected by a Tree Preservation Order
Reference: 20/1980/TTPO
Proposal: T.1 Walnut – Crown reduce by 1.5 meters to allow more light to rear garden. tree has
been recently TPO’d with application to fell tree.
Site address: 1 The Drift Elsworth CB23 4JN
Applicant: Mr Terry woods.
The above planning application has been received, SCDC

Notification on application for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
Reference: 20/1974/TTCA
Proposal: T 1 – Cherry – Fell to ground level. Reason – Poor self set specimen, interfering with
power cables.
Site address: 26 Brook Street Elsworth CB23 4HX
Applicant: Mrs Gutsell.