Application for tree works in a conservation area 20/1925/TTCA 5 Broad End

Reference: 20/1925/TTCA
Proposal: T1 : Apple ~ Reduce lateral growth over neighbouring property to centre of hedge;
reduce height by 2.0 metres and balance remaining crown.
T2 and T3 : 2 x large Leylandi ~ Top and fell to ground level.
T4 : Willow ~ Remove secondary stem.
T5 : Holly ~ Clear neighbouring roof by 1.0 to 1.5 metres.
T6 : Elder within Pyracantha ~ Fell stump.
Site address: 5 Broad End Elsworth Cambridge Cambridgeshire
Applicant: Ms Trueman.

Application for tree works in a conservation area 13 Cotterell’s Lane 20/1929/TTCA

Proposal: Variegated Norway Maple – Fell
2 x Cherry – Reduce height and spread on all sides by 1.5m
Alder – Reduce height by 1.5m, reduce spread by 1m to shape and balance
Prunus – Reduce height by 1.5m, reduce spread by 2m on all sides, remove
epicormic shoots on all sides
Purple Norway Maple – Fell
Site address: 13 Cotterells Lane Elsworth CB23 4JR
Applicant: Mr Johnson.

7 Day notice of intention to remove dangerous tree Avenue Business Park

Reference: 20/1900/TTCA
Site address: The Avenue Business Park Brockley Road Elsworth
Applicant : Edward Davison

7 days notice of intention to remove an Ash tree in a dangerous condition at Avenue Business Park, Brockley Road, Elsworth, CB23 4EY which is sited within the Elsworth Conservation Area.

PC response not required as permission will have to be granted for safety reasons.

Planning application received – Tree Works – 3 Brockley Road

Reference: 20/1783/TTCAl Reference: 20/1783/TTCAl Applicant Mrs Rosemary Ross

Proposal: T1 Walnut – Fell to ground level.
Inonotus Hispidus was discovered at the base of the tree several years ago, it is believed to have come from this tree. There is decay throughout the tree from the fungi and previous pruning wounds. The growth rate has been very slow since its last reduction. To reduce further would not leave a substantial amount of growth, I would imagine the tree to decline further following such works. Given its close proximity to buildings I believe the best option is to fell and replant.
Site address: 3 Brockley Road Elsworth CB23 4JS

Elsworth Tree Warden has inspected the tree and notes that the tree has outgrown its location and if it has a significant fungal infection he has no comment.

Parish Council Meetings to be held as virtual meetings on line

As a result of government legislation for Covid 19 meetings of Elsworth Parish Council were cancelled from March 2020 – Emergency decision was made via email to agree financial delegation for urgent payments by the Clerk in conjunction with the Chairman and for urgent decisions to be made via email with all Cllrs.
Government Legislation has now been approved to allow Parish & Town Councils to hold virtual online meetings, therefore in order to conduct business which requires decisions, virtual meetings via Zoom will be scheduled.
The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday September 16th at 7;30pm as a virtual meeting, using Zoom. The Meeting link will be shown in the venue header of the Agenda

Planning applications received – Low Farm Brook Street S/20/02962/LBC and S/20/02962/HFUL

The following application has been received and will be considered by the parish council members.

Local Planning Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Proposal: Demolition of existing outbuilding, porch, garage, conservatory and the erection of single storey garden room with link extension to side, replacement garage with annex above, replacement rear conservatory and alterations to include replacement of 8 windows and alteration of 1, installation of skylights, conversion of existing outbuilding, refurbishment of existing well, repositioning of entrance gates, removal of paving slab and internal alterations
Site address: Low Farm Brook Street Elsworth
Reference: 20/02962/LBC and 20/02962/HFUL
Public Access Link:

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