Planning application received – Tree Works – 3 Brockley Road

Reference: 20/1783/TTCAl Reference: 20/1783/TTCAl Applicant Mrs Rosemary Ross

Proposal: T1 Walnut – Fell to ground level.
Inonotus Hispidus was discovered at the base of the tree several years ago, it is believed to have come from this tree. There is decay throughout the tree from the fungi and previous pruning wounds. The growth rate has been very slow since its last reduction. To reduce further would not leave a substantial amount of growth, I would imagine the tree to decline further following such works. Given its close proximity to buildings I believe the best option is to fell and replant.
Site address: 3 Brockley Road Elsworth CB23 4JS

Elsworth Tree Warden has inspected the tree and notes that the tree has outgrown its location and if it has a significant fungal infection he has no comment.